Japanese Prime Minister pays tribute to Boris’s leadership in promoting Indo-Pacific freedom, Ukraine and UK-Japan trade

Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida earlier this year in May 2022. Picture by Tim Hammond / No 10 Downing Street

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida has paid tribute to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership this morning (13 July 2022) on issues including promoting freedom in the Indo-Pacific, responding to Russia’s brutality in Ukraine and the UK-Japan trade deal.

The UK–Japan trade deal was the first major trade agreement the UK struck as an independent trading nation that went beyond existing EU deals, with big benefits for digital and data, financial services, food and drink, and creative industries. 

The deal brought together two of the world’s most technologically advanced nations, placing the UK at the forefront of shaping new global standards on digital trade.   

The estimated boost to trade between the UK and Japan is over £15 billion, with long term economic benefits that are crucial to ‘build back better’ from Covid-19, reshaping the UK economy so it is fit for the future. 

The agreement also came with a strong commitment from Japan to support UK joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the world’s biggest free trade areas, covering 13% of the global economy and more than £110 billion of trade in 2019.   

This will help strengthen trade ties between the UK and 11 Pacific countries and set new standards for global trade.    

The Prime Minister expressed his certainty that the UK will continue to be a staunch international partner to Japan as we embark on projects like the Future Combat Air System, joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, and furthering our two country’s bilateral cooperation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his condolences following the death of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Prime Minister Kishida said Shinzo Abe’s assassination was a shocking act of senseless violence.

The PM highlighted Shinzo Abe’s role in creating the foundations of the excellent UK-Japan relationship and said he was a true friend to the UK.

The Prime Minister also thanked Prime Minister Kishida for building on the path paved by Shinzo Abe and strengthening UK-Japan relations.



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