By John Redwood.

I hear the government is seeking good ideas for next year’s legislative programme.

I will be setting out in a few blogs what a Conservative King’s Speech could look like.

I urge the government to find things to do which will deliver more prosperity, freedom and happiness. They need to remember it is 5 million Conservative voters that the polls say they have put off in the latest surveys who they need to win back for the general election.

Let’s start with the Foreign and Home offices.

1. Stop all overseas aid to any country with a nuclear weapons programme or with a defence budget greater than 2.5% of GDP. We should not be grant aiding rearmament by the back door.

2. Allocate more of the Overseas Aid budget to meet first year set up costs of asylum seekers and economic migrants.

3. Renegotiate the Windsor Agreement so that the more important Good Friday Agreement can be restored, with Unionists returning to Stormont.

4. Tell the EU  that if they put a tariff on our cars exported to the EU for insufficient local content we will place one on their exports of cars to us.

5. Strengthen the small boats legislation by adding a notwithstanding clause to exclude further legal challenges.

6. Intensify actions to arrest and prosecute people smugglers.

7. Return more foreign prisoners to their own countries.

8. Decriminalise non payment of tv licence fee.

9. Raise income thresholds for economic migrants.

The Rt Hon John Redwood is the Conservative MP for Wokingham, and has been an MP continuously since 11 June 1987.

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