JOIN US on 9th July and help rebuild the conservative movement in Britain


We have to redesign and rebuild the conservative movement in Britain.

Join us tomorrow (Tuesday July 9th) to help map out how that might happen.

Our friends over at Popular Conservatism are one of the first to announce a post-election half-day conference, mid-morning on Tuesday 9th July in central London.

The event will cover analysis of the election results, explain what happened and why, and offer some ideas as to what needs to happen within the Conservative Party next. Expect some stellar speakers.

Venue capacity is limited but Conservative Post readers and CDO members have secured preferred registration status for this event.

If you would like to apply to attend this event please use this dedicated Conservative Post and CDO link to register

More details, including the superb speaker line up, location, and precise timings will follow nearer the time. 

PLEASE NOTE: All attendees will be required to bring photo ID and will be subject to a bag search. Bags must be deposited in cloakroom before entering the event. Questions about this event should be sent to:


Dan Hannan: British voters will come to regret annihilating the Conservative Party [Telegraph ££]“There is simply no rational case for the sort of Labour landslide we are probably about to see”Labour and Lib Dems accused of secret pact over target seats [Telegraph ££]“Analysis reveals Sir Keir Starmer and Sir Ed Davey steering clear of each other’s most winnable constituencies”
Robert Jenrick: Conservative Party IS the natural home of Reform voters [Mail on Sunday]“…The Conservative family has always been, and must continue to be, a natural home for Reform voters who share our concerns…” Priti Patel: Labour will bankrupt Britain with higher taxes and more red tape [Telegraph ££]“In just a few short weeks, businesses could face a sudden onslaught, putting our economy at risk”
Henry Hill: Our party’s ultra-centralised campaign machine is failing. A future leader must repair CCHQ – or replace it. [ConHome]“…Whoever succeeds Rishi Sunak, something has to change about how our party is run. There needs to be a better compromise between a necessary bare minimum of central control, and the prerogatives of members, associations, and the national voluntary party. Anyone standing to replace Rishi Sunak should be quizzed thoroughly on whether, and how, they will repair CCHQ – or replace it…”Nadine Dorries: This general election will be a verdict on Michael Gove and his political think tanks… [Independent]“…Gove has repeatedly stabbed democratically elected Prime Ministers in the back – Boris in 2016 and 22 and Liz in 22 – and at every turn he’s chosen the socialist rather than the conservative option. This is why we are behind in the polls… he must never be allowed to represent the Tory Party again…… there are also concerns ordinary members could be cut out of choosing the next leader altogether…” 
David Frost: Let’s be clear where blame for this Tory disaster really lies “Defeat is imminent. Our focus must turn to how to bring real conservatives together after the election”…
“… Six weeks back, when the election was called, I urged Tory voters to return to the colours. I didn’t know then, of course, that we were planning to run a political-campaign equivalent to the first day of the Somme. Strong Conservatives, MPs who have stood up for Brexit and conservative values, dedicated party workers, all have been pushed out into a campaign that could never succeed, fought on the wrong ground, based on the wrong issues, ineptly conducted and run. It is they who will pay the price…… The Conservative Party as we know it may well be badly damaged or even largely wiped out. So to revive conservative ideas, to bring real conservatives together after the cataclysm, perhaps we will need to create a new movement, one for “reformed conservatism”, to coin a phrase. Not a new party, but a movement to revive Conservatism based on conservative ideas, and reaching out to everyone who wants to see them prosper one day again. This movement cannot include people who should really be in parties to our Left…” read more here [Telegraph [££]]
REMINDER: [July 22nd at 7pm] SIGN UP FOR THE CONVERSATION WITH THE INCREDIBLE DR ARTHUR LAFFER Former advisor to world leaders including Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and probably the most influential economist in the world in recent decades. Art will help you understand how low tax can yield MORE money to the Treasury and explain how economic success can be achieved in a few simple steps. CLICK HERE to register for Dr Arthur Laffer online event

JOIN: PopCon, the mass movement of those who wish to bring about major institutional change in Britain in order to make it much easier to achieve our long-term social and economic ends.



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