Labour councillor offers to help illegal migrants stay in Britain

Labour Councillor and Immigration lawyer Irim Ali.

Newcastle Lawyer Irim Ali posted a video on TikTok encouraging illegal migrants to contact her for help due to the “extremely hostile environment for overstayers” in the UK.

A Labour councillor is helping illegal migrants secure asylum in the UK, GB News has revealed.

Immigration lawyer Irim Ali posted a clip on her TikTok account encouraging those who were “illegal” in the country to contact her. The Labour councillor goes on to say there is an “extremely hostile environment for overstayers” and that she could apply for a VISA and legal status for them. 

The Labour councillor in Newcastle said: “Are you in the UK without a valid VISA. Are you illegal? Do not fear, Irim Ali is here to help you regularise your VISA in the UK and submit an application to the Home Office based on your human rights. It is extremely important to make sure you become legal in the UK. There is an extremely hostile environment for overstayers here. So you must make sure you can submit an application to the Home Office, become legal and be en route to indefinite leave to remain.” 

She adds: “So contact me. Let’s have that conversation.  And work out what needs to be done to get your stay in the UK.” 

Ms Ali’s TikTok channel has 21,000 followers and explains how to use human rights loopholes to stay in the UK. It also features a string of tips, such as how to fill out visa forms.

She also shows off gifts clients have given her to say thank you such as cards, a watch, pyjamas and cakes.

The Labour party says it stands by TikTok councillor giving legal loophole advice to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain although admits “Irim Ali has been spoken to and acknowledges the language in the video wasn’t appropriate and she’s taken it down.”

Immigration minister Robert Jenrick hit out, saying: “This is the reality of the Labour party’s approach to illegal migration.”

“Immigration lawyers who cheat and lie are taking the British public for a ride” – Home Secretary Suella Braverman. Photo credit: Home Office

Irim was first elected to the North East-based Wingrove ward in 2008. On her website, she describes herself as a qualified solicitor specialising in immigration. Her LinkedIn says she is a Consultant Solicitor at Tyler Hoffman Solicitors. The firm distanced itself from the councillor and her comments. 

A spokesman from her firm of solicitors said:

“Mrs Irim Ali is a consultant solicitor at Tyler Hoffman. She is self-employed and her social media platforms are not managed by Tyler Hoffman Solicitors.  

“Mrs Ali runs her own social media and we as a firm do not control, limit or manage the social media activities of our consultants.  

“Tyler Hoffman Solicitors have their own independent social media accounts. As you are fully aware, Mrs Ali has her own personal website where she advertises her legal services and her TikTok account is independent from Tyler Hoffman Solicitors.  On consideration of her Tik Tok profile, her bio refers to ‘Irim Ali Law’ and her personal website. 

“This is not a page that is under our control or ownership.” 

Labour want nothing more than to throw our borders wide open, let everyone and anyone come in, and turn on the spending taps, says Conservative MP Lee Anderson.

The Conservative MP said: “I know full well that immigration levels are far too high at the moment. Over 600,000 people came to the UK last year. But this Conservative government has a plan to get those numbers down.

“We all know Brits are fed up of seeing small boats pitch up on our shores day in day out. That’s why stopping the boats is one of the government’s top priorities.

“On the other hand, Labour just don’t get it. Their front bench is packed with politicians that feel more at home preaching right-on policies to the metropolitan elite that pitch up at Glastonbury than they do talking to ordinary working people in places like Grimsby.

“Labour MPs line up to sign petitions demanding to keep foreign criminals in this country. When their constituents tell them they want these criminals deported, Labour just don’t listen.

“Despite Slippery Starmer’s vacuous pledges to be tough on migration, the truth is clear: Labour wants nothing more than to throw our borders wide open, let everyone and anyone come in, and turn on the spending taps.

“Yes, we’ve still got a long way to go to get our migration numbers under control. But only a Conservative government can be trusted to solve it.”

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said: “So-called progressives on the Left have utter contempt for public opinion and instead want to open our borders to any and everyone.

“Lawyers are entitled – indeed obliged – to find any credible legal angle that gets the best result for their client. But they are not allowed to lie. Nor are they allowed to encourage others to lie.”

Labour Councillor Irim Ali has been approached for comment.

Source: GB News


  1. Unfortunately this is what immigration lawyers do. They advertise to offer their services to people that might need it. I know solicitors that even offer their services to people accused of criminal offences and after representing them in court, the case is dismissed. This, in the face of a hostile environment right across the country towards burglars. Perhaps I can suggest this for another of your news items. Solicitors representing and advising people in this country is something that should be celebrated. This is a non-news item.

  2. some people have suggested that advertising her services to help people stay in the UK when they are about to be deported is wrong, and that is ridiculous, next People will be saying don’t defend car thieves or shoplifters, what is not mentioned except by GBN news is that she is supposed to be able to circumnavigate the deporting procedure illegally using her home office contacts and he legal expertise combined, apparently this came to light (if you believe what you read on the internet) when an illegal immigrant blew the whistle on her as they were not happy about giving Ali £1500 and being deported even though they were assured they would be allowed to stay in the UK, you win some you lose some, that’s the way the cooky crumbles, as they say, It is not breaking the law by not delivering what you promise,
    it’s just not good for business,


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