Labour MP forced to apologise for anti-Semitic comment


It has been claimed antisemitism is still a major problem in the Labour Party after one of its MPs called the Israeli Government “fascists.”

Although Labour’s Kim Johnson later apologised for describing the Israeli Government as “fascists,” Brendan Clarke-Smith said it showed signs of a continued failure to deal with antisemitism in the Labour party. 

The Labour MP said she acknowledged using the term ‘fascist’ was “particularly insensitive” given Israel’s history.

However, Brendan Clarke-Smith told GB News: “For all the PR, and all the efforts to try and eradicate antisemitism from the party, this almost anti-Israel hatred is still there.

“So, it’s right that the member actually apologised and obviously they’ve tried to discipline (her) for it. But when is the next person going to be doing this, it seems to be every time we have a debate on this issue.”

Meanwhile, Mr Clarke-Smith also spoke out about the need to ensure extra equipment is sent to Ukraine. 

Backing the work of former PM, Boris Johnson he told GB News’ Tom Harwood: “If you look at the commitment that we’ve made to Ukraine, Britain has been very much at the forefront of that.

“This is something Boris Johnson feels very passionately about. It’s really important that we drum up more support internationally for that, and he’s a great figure to be able to do that. 

“On top of that, obviously, we’ve had the Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary doing some great work as well, and the Prime Minister has reiterated his support.”

Asked whether the UK needed to send more than just tanks he added: “Well, I think we need to support Ukaraine as much as we can. Obviously, Ukraine isn’t a member of NATO, but we’ve been leading that effort, we’ve been helping with training with equipment and so on. 

“I really want to see an end to this war. Anything that we can do to help that I think is great. The Government has been fairly clear on their position with it and of course, backbench MPs such as myself and others all have their own views on things as well.

“But for me, the Ukrainian people, certainly the ones I speak to in my constituency, they’re desperate to go home to that free nation. And we basically want to get Vladimir Putin and his colleagues out.”

Source: GB News


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