The first twelve monorail trains for Cairo’s monorail project have been exported to Egypt — part of a huge £2.3 billion contract which will see the company construct and run the monorail.

Employing 6000 people, Alstom design and build trains at Derby, the UK’s largest train factory; and operate major sites at Widnes, Crewe, Ilford and Plymouth, and 30 train services depots across the UK and Ireland.

The company has now finished its first 12 monorails for Egypt, which is currently hosting the COP27 climate summit. Altogether the firm has been contracted to build 70 four-car monorail trains.

Alstom’s Managing Director Mike Hulme said:

“We secured the contract as part of a broader project to deliver new monorail systems in Egypt two years ago. We’ve actually been in the manufacturing stage for the past 18 months. It’s one of the key projects we are delivering out of Derby.

“It’s certainly getting a lot of focus, particularly in the developing world. It’s a high-mass transport system for all cities.

“I think that’s why it’s gained the approval in Cairo. It’s very green technology. It’s something to be really proud of for the UK in terms of our expert capability. In all, it’s exciting technology for the future.”

Cairo’s monorail project includes one 35 mile line, to serve as a connection with Egypt’s new administrative capital and a second 26 mile line connecting to Giza.

Alstom said its monorails would be fully automated and driverless and would have the capacity to transport 45,000 passengers per hour in each direction when complete.

As a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, Alstom says it is committed to addressing the challenges facing society today, from global warming to rapid urbanisation. The company says COP27 is an opportunity to showcase the progress and options available to decarbonise the transport sector, as well as exchange on green transport solutions for the future. Alstom has over 20 years of expertise in low carbon technology, and has been participating in the conference since COP21 in Paris.

During the second week of COP27, Alstom will participate in transport focused events with other inspiring changemakers, where meaningful discussions about sustainable mobility and the importance of women’s roles in transforming and decarbonising transport, will take place. 

Main Photo: COP27 is an opportunity to showcase the progress and options available to decarbonise the transport sector. Photo credit: Alstom


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