MADE IN UK: British electric vehicle start-up set to take US by storm


British manufacturer Munro Vehicles is set to open a new factory in Scotland and create 300 jobs after officially unveiling its new electric 4×4 vehicle – the Munro MK.

Founded in 2019, the Scottish start-up says their focus is “to address the needs of off-road drivers across industry.”

The British designed electric vehicles have been likened to an eco-friendly version of the iconic Humvee and have already received a lot of interest in the US according to the company.

A Munro 4×4 comes in around £75,000, with most buyers expected to come from the oil and gas, mining and forestry industries.

However, according to reports, sales agreements have already been signed to supply US industrial operations – including gold mines in Nevada from next year.

In fact left-hand-drive cars will account for half of the firm’s 50-strong production run for 2023. The company says it is aiming to manufacturer 500 vehicles in 2024, 2500 in 2025 and 5000 annually by 2030.

The electric 4×4 is also attracting increasing attention from farmers in the UK and abroad, one of the main markets for which it was the vehicle was originally targeted.

Munro’s electric 4×4 has 371bhp and is one of a select few commercial electric vehicles currently on the market including useful features such as permanent four-wheel drive with locking differentials.

Despite weighing about 2.7 tons, the vehicle has a battery range of up to 168 miles, and a zero to 60 acceleration under five seconds.

A statement on their website says:

“Mass-manufactured, road-going vehicles are designed to a different set of principals; we focus on off-highway performance, reliability and longevity. Our aim is to see vehicles that are maintained over decades and once again viewed as assets – that just happen to be electric!

“In many sectors, de-carbonising the fleet is a direct and accessible action that acts as a first step towards transitioning an operation more widely.”


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