Research shows the public tend to think latest measures will help reduce the spread of the virus, but feel easing of restrictions in July happened too quickly…

Throughout the coronavirus crisis research has found overwhelming support every time restrictions have been brought in to stymie the spread of the virus. This week is no exception, with the majority of the public supporting all six of the new measures affecting England that were announced this week.

Strongest support comes for the measures that are less restrictive on groups of people meeting, with 85% supporting the toughened rules around wearing face masks (85%), the advice to work from home when possible (85%) and pubs operating with table service only (82%).

Support for other measures introduced is slightly weaker, though closing pubs at 10pm (69%), reducing capacity at weddings (62%) and limiting indoor sport to six people (61%) are all still backed by a comfortable majority of the British public.

While there is support for the measures across all age groups, younger people are more divided with 35% opposing the decision to shut pubs early, and 31% opposing the new restriction of 15 people at weddings.

Part of the reason for this age divide may be down to differing views on the effectiveness of these measures.

Overall, half of Brits (49%) think they will help to reduce the spread of the virus, while 38% think they will make no difference. However, the under-25s are completely divided with 41% saying they’ll reduce the spread and 41% saying they’ll make no difference. This contrasts with the over-65s who think the measures will make a positive difference by 58% to 31%.

See the full results here and here


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