By Lord Cruddas.

It is no coincidence that as the Conservative Party has become ever more cut off from its members, it has also become more corrupt, out-of-touch, and unelectable.

Worse still, the number of Conservative party members has collapsed.

This is no surprise, because nobody wants to be treated with contempt, lied to, and to be used.

Conservative voters have always been the most loyal. They go out and vote whatever the weather. They are informed, they participate, and they contribute.

With a power base like that, why wouldn’t you want to go from the least democratic political party to the most democratic? That is not a big ask. The aim of Conservative Democratic Organisation is to make the Conservative Party the most democratic and in-touch political party in British Politics.

Below are some starting recommendations, but we could go much further:

Party Democracy:

A directly elected Conservative Party Chairman, and other Conservative Party officers.

Candidate Selection:

Constituency associations should have the right to determine who their Parliamentary Candidate and MP is and if necessary, deselect their MP.

Policy Input:

A Policy Conference, located in a more affordable location, where Ministers would listen to members’ ideas on policies in their subject area, selected by motions submitted through local associations.

Party Conference Reform:

The full October Party Conferences should be restored to their original glory, with the membership back in control. Replace National Convention: A General Meeting of the party to replace the National Convention.

Power to the Members:

The Party Constitution should be capable of being changed at a General Meeting of the Party by members of the Party.

Choose a Leader:

Retaining and Reinforcing the Party Membership’s democratic right to choose the Party Leader.

Volunteer Led:

The Party Board should have a majority of voluntary Party members. If the Conservative Party does not change then it will disappear into the political wilderness as there will be no distinction between all major political parties.

It’s survival as a major political force is on the line and constitutional reform is the only way to stop the corruption from within.

Members need to take back control before it is too late.

Lord Cruddas has been a party donor, is the President of the CDO and is a former Conservative Party Treasurer.

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We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

President Lord Cruddas, Patron Dame Priti Patel and the CDO Team


Enquiries and Press: Please call Claire Bullivant on 07411188564.


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