Migration Watch UK backs re-appointment of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary

A group of people thought to be migrants arriving illegally in an inflatable boat at Kingsdown beach, near Dover, Kent, after crossing the English Channel. Source: PA

The ​​Chairman of Migration Watch UK says he hopes Home Secretary Suella Braverman ‘gets a grip’ on the number of Channel crossings.

Speaking to GB News Alp Mehmet said: “It’s shocking, frankly,  that we’ve lost control to such an extent that we don’t know who’s coming in having arrived.”

Mr. Mehmet said: “We don’t know where they are. And effectively those arriving are saying ‘I’m coming to your country, whether you like it or not, and I’m going to stay here.”

However, Mr. Mehmet said he was pleased Suella Braverman had returned to her post and that those seeking to oust her weren’t being honest about the reasons why.

He added: “Yes, I’m very happy. She did resign over that ministerial code issue. I do suspect that it was more to do with the fact that she wasn’t getting what she wanted over illegal immigration, but some people are saying we’ve heard it all before from the Tories and now it will be no different. Well, it’s only been a few days since she stepped down so let’s see. 

“Having worked for the government for 40 years, what she did and what she’s really being lambasted for, is minor compared to some of the things that I saw going on in ministerial offices. 

“What I would say is look at who’s actually criticising and I wonder, if they were honest, if they wouldn’t say ‘actually we don’t like her policies’ and ‘that’s why we don’t want her there’. That is what it’s all about in my humble opinion.

“We’ve got nearly 40,000 people who have just come across the channel illegally. And they’re the ones that we know about. There are a hell of a lot more who are coming into the country, and we have absolutely no idea who they are, or what sort of security risk they represent. And that is something that I hope Suella is going to get a grip on.”


  1. The only reason for me not cancelling my membership is Suella being reinstated. She is the only person who gives us a glimmer of hope that these criminals will be stopped. That is all most of us care about now and we are all getting very, very angry that the opposition and lefty lawyers, who are not affected by these criminals and will probably just go off and live in a different country when these people take over. The lawyers are earning a fortune out of them so they want them to stay and the Socialists expect them to be their future voters alongside the lazy, benefit reliant people and trade union parasites so they can get a majority, as its the only way they will get into power as the sensible, intelligent people will never vote for them.

    • Well said. It would seem that everyone is turning a blind eye for reasons we have yet to learn. I hope the reason we can’t stop it isn’t some piece of EU Law that we should not still be tied to.

  2. Why haven’t those supposedly in charge of stopping illegal migrants arriving in obscenely high numbers,found a legal way to stop it?
    I saw that the RNLI were crossing into French waters to answer ‘sos’ calls? And instead of towing the dingies into safe French ports they were bringing them to British ports? Those illegal migrants should not be on British soil. Use cruise liners offshore to ‘house’ them. This whole thing is a shambles and a disgrace and costing the taxpayer millions we do not have.In fact they cost more a week than my State Pension.


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