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My message to UK voters considering voting Reform – don’t do it. You’ll regret it


By Sophie Corcoran

For the last couple of years, I have been a fierce critic of the UK government.

I am right-wing from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

Whilst I agree with the many disillusioned Conservative voters in the UK – I cannot stress enough that whilst it all seems fun and games getting caught up in the Nigel Farage wave – you will regret voting for Reform come polling day.

‘A vote for reform is a vote for Labour!’ It is a tired saying, but nonetheless a true one. Splitting the right-wing vote will get us many more Labour MPs than if people just voted Conservative.

With that in mind – when you put a tick next to the Reform Party box, what are you really getting?

A super-majority government that won’t say what a woman is. One that will implement nutty green policies such as ULEZ that robs the working class. One that has no plans to tackle immigration and whose MPs have routinely labelled Conservative immigration policy as racist and xenophobic.

To be frank, dear Reform voter, Labour MPs hate you. They think you are racist, bigoted, and uneducated. They despise people like you and I. Yet you are effectively voting for them. Why would you do that? Why would you vote for an MP that hates you, your views, and your principles just to protest?

Let’s be honest. The calibre of Reform Party candidates isn’t exactly great. Most of them as political nobodies with no political experience.

Let’s be honest. The calibre of Reform Party candidates isn’t exactly great. Most of them as political nobodies with no political experience. Sure they may have Farage and Tice, but the rest of them aren’t ready for five years on the back benches of the Commons. This is serious business.

MPs should be like the Paul Bristows of the world. Constituency first. Always there, helping people with local issues, standing up for their constituency, living local, and being fantastic back-bench MPs. Farage will not do that. A lot of potential Reform MPs, if they get elected (unlikely), will not know how to do that. What communities need are a solid constituency MPs – not a man who will seek to represent them from the Trump tour.

A Labour supermajority government backed by Reform – or in the unlikely event that Reform do get some MPs – a bunch of randoms picked off the street, will be a disaster for us all.

Whilst you may with best intentions hope to see the Conservative Party rebuild over the next five years – five years is a painfully long time for a disastrous, left-wing government and it will take us far far longer than that to undo the damage they will do to our country – just remember what happened last time…

Is that a price you want to pay? Is your vote for Farage, a man who didn’t even care about the UK elections a couple of weeks ago really worth it?

Think about it. Voting Reform may sound like the trendy way to protest – but it’ll leave us all far worse off in the long run.

Sophie Corcoran is a broadcaster, journalist, political candidate and reality TV personality. 

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This article was first published in the Australian Spectator on the 10 June 2024. With thanks to Sophie Corcoran for permission to republish it in the Conservative Post.


  1. Disgusting article.

    I assume it was written at the point where “crossover” is about to be achieved in the polls, at which point Reform will claim with legitimacy that:


    If this rag cannot behave properly in a democracy people will stop reading it. New parties are entitled to emerge – it’s a democracy – and old ones sometimes die out…

    The Conservative Party is the party that has shown UTTER DISDAIN for voters, four times in a row their manifesto has promised to cut immigration “to tens of thousands” yet it is now over 700,000 per year. Our culture is being swamped, as our enemies intended.

    That party needs to be replaced as the champion of the right and Reform is what we have. People have no trust left in the Tory party, whereas it appears that Reform speaks plainly and could well be trustworthy.

    Their CLEARLY STATED target is not thiselection, but the next. We will have 5 years of Labour come what may, whatever this piece may pretend, so the aim is to replace the Conservative Party ready to win the next election. All this piece is doing is to try to preserve the Tory party for the next election – it must NOT be preserved, it has been utterly infiltrated at parliamentary level and must now go the way of the dinosaurs.

  2. Yep ,been let down by tory party . Reform has very interesting taxation proposals , would like to see how people will react when it is more widely known. Earn up to 20,000 before hitting tax and the threshold for 40% would also be increased.This would help a lot of people in a very meaningful way..

  3. Reform all the way,uk has become to foreign,I’ve seen african people saying they are british with a african Ghanaian accent,I’ve had enough vote reform


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