Netflix should demand their money back says royal expert

Meghan shows her bowing moves in the new Netflix miniseries as Harry looks on (Picture: Netflix)

Meghan and Harry’s new documentary is so underwhelming that makers Netflix should consider asking for their money back, a leading royal expert has said. 

Charles Rae told GB News:  “If I was Netflix, who reportedly paid 88 million for this, I would be asking for 87,900,000 pounds back. It was that bad. It’s all gushy, and nothing that you could really object to and nothing that they have not said before.”

“The problem is next Thursday that is when the bombshells should come. Because if you look at the three trailers that we’ve had and talk about tricks, that’s when we should be seeing the nitty-gritty of it.”

The blast comes amid reports on Sunday that Meghan and Harry are facing calls to be stripped of their titles and are under pressure to steer clear of next year’s Coronation.

“I think that if they did turn up, there is a danger of boos,” Mr Rae continued. “And everybody knows if they come over here, they’ll have their own TV crews with them, and pictures and everything else.” 

On the likelihood of them losing their titles, he added:  “There is a 1917 act which was introduced by Parliament at the time, which allowed George V to strip various European Royals of their titles. These are British titles. Now, there are two MPs, who have got bills going through. It’s interesting that the King cannot strip his family members of their titles. It’s got to be done by an Act of Parliament. The problem with private members’ bills is they rarely go through unless the Government supports them.”

His comments come as a new poll revealed the public hugely back William and Kate over Meghan and Harry.

When asked to choose the couple that best represents the values of Britain, a majority of the public, 54 per cent, opted for William and Catherine, over Harry and Meghan who are only supported by 7% of the country.

The People’s Poll for GB News of more than 1200 people found there were considerable differences in views based on the ages of those aged. 

While 70 per-cent of pensioners choose William and Catherine, only two percent choose Harry and Meghan. Meanwhile 39 percent of 18-24-year-olds choose William and Catherine and 13% choose Harry and Meghan.

When asked if Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, should be banned from attending King Charles III’s coronation, 24 percent said they “completely” or “somewhat” agree while 39 per cent disagree. Eighteen percent were unsure, and said they neither agree nor disagree.


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