An overwhelming majority of people are opposed to Just Stop Oil – and would back harsher punishments for protestors, a new poll has revealed.

The GB News People’s Poll found just 13 percent of British adults express any support for the disruptions caused by Just Stop Oil.

The survey of 1,198 people, saw 62% of the country say they “oppose” them with 47% of these  “strongly opposing” their actions.

Overall, more than half the country, 52%, support harsher punishments, rising to 82% of Conservative voters, while only 23% of the country oppose such harsher punishments.

The poll also probed public support for paying climate reparations to developing countries in response to the country’s historic role in climate change.

But, overall, only a minority of voters – 23 % – support paying reparations while 41% oppose them, with the remaining neither supporting nor opposing or saying they do not know. Only 12% of Conservative Party voters support paying such reparations compared to 43% of Labour voters. There is similarly a noticeable Brexit divide with 11% of Leavers supporting reparations compared to 40% of Remainers.

Commenting, Matthew Goodwin, professor of politics at the University of Kent, told GB News, said: “What these results show is that the vast majority of people are opposed to the disruptive campaigns of the sort organised by Just For Oil, and more than half the country back a tougher approach to dealing with them.

“Only 13% of the country support these protests. The vast majority do not. That said, we do find some striking differences with one third of Labour voters and one quarter of 18–24-year-olds from Generation Z voicing their support for these campaigns.

“We find little evidence that the British people would support paying climate reparations to developing nations, something Rishi Sunak has suggested he is open to. Not even one quarter of the country support this idea.”

After a week that saw several disruptions to British motorists, Just Stop Oil released a statement on Friday saying they will halt their campaign of civil resistance on the M25. They said:

“We are giving time to those in Government who are in touch with reality to consider their responsibilities to this country at this time.

“We ask that the Prime Minister consider his statement at COP27, where he spoke of the catastrophic threat posed by the ravages of global heating, the 33 million people displaced by floods in Pakistan, and the moral and economic imperative to honour our pledges.

“Under British law, people in this country have a right to cause disruption to prevent greater harm — we will not stand by.”

Source: GB News


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