Nigel Adams MP confirms Boris was above threshold required to stand for leadership


A statement has been issued by the Rt Hon Nigel Adams MP who has confirmed that Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP was above the threshold required to stand for the Conservative Party leadership in this leadership election.

The statement from Rt Hon Nigel Adams MP reads as follows:

‘This morning I met Bob Blackman MP, Joint Secretary of the 1922 Committee. He has independently verified the nomination paperwork and confirmed to me that Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP was above the threshold required to stand for the Conservative Party leadership in this leadership election. Therefore Mr Johnson could have proceeded to the ballot had he chosen to do so’

  • Mr Johnson made clear his reasons for withdrawing in the statement he issued last night
  • The nominations process is confidential and it is up to individual MPs whether they wish to publicly announce who they back in leadership elections
  • Bob Blackman MP is verifying nominations today for candidates in this leadership election


  1. Gutted, disappointed, fed up, I could go on but I will never vote for Sunak, will be transferring my allegiance elsewhere signing up to Reform and not renewing my membership to the Conservatives until they actually become conservative and stop being so manipulative.

  2. As a party you have had it. Dont start on Boris ,you clearly behaved in an appalling way. As a member I am finished with you lot until you get democracy back

  3. It is the remoaners who have wrecked the Con. Party, not Boris. The remoaners would not give up their plots to ditch Brexit by ousting Boris. The behaviour of remoaner MPs has been atrocious and the 1922. If you don’t want members’ votes now, you won’t get them at the election.

  4. Very sorry to see this. He should never have been backstabbed in the first place. Watch your massive majority disappear and membership cancellations.
    Been a Tory all my life. No longer!

  5. Boris has gone up even more in my estimation. He would have sailed through if the vote had gone to the members but I can quite understand his reasoning. If there were so many against him in Parliament he would have struggled to get anything through.
    Well said Boris…you really care so much about the Tory Party and the country.
    I am sad you won’t be the PM for now….but please go on and make your money….then come back in a year or so to lead us into the General Election.
    In the meantime at least we have a Brexiteer in charge….thank goodness for small mercies.

  6. Such a tremendous loss Boris not standing
    It really as become the nasty party
    Full of backstabbing MPs and hideous wanna be s
    Labour will be sighing with relief now Boris is out the running
    Shame on all the plotters Rishi Gove Javid etc etc

  7. l too was disappointed but can understand why Boris pulled out of the race.its obvious he didn’t have the backing of the low life individuals he had called his remains to be seen if the back stabbing ex chancellor can do better job..he has had his share of scandals regards his wife and family interests.these are sad time’s for the conser

  8. I voted for Boris to be Prime Minister in the GE.
    I was denied the opportunity to vote for him in the Members vote after Sunak removed him, so I voted not to have Sunak as PM.
    This time we have been denied the opportunity to vote for Boris.
    I am a Conservative through and through, and have voted for them at every election since Maggie’s days. The whole process has been manipulated from day one to achieve the result they now have. I shall be cancelling my membership, and as things stand, cannot in good conscience support the party at the next election.
    I could not possibly vote for Labour or Lib Dems, so I have been effectively precluded from voting.
    We the electorate have been completely betrayed and now have a PM without a mandate, who will almost certainly not fulfil the manifesto promises that were made before the election and upon the strength of which the Conservative Party were elected.
    British democracy? Pah!

  9. This isn’t a democratic country any longer. Your party is full of back stabbers who bullied Boris out of office. You’re a bunch of hypocrites, Rishi was fined, I don’t hear anything about that. Double standards! Call a general election let the people of this country decide who should be in charge. Rishi Sunak doesn’t have a mandate, so what does he stand for? Your party is finished.

  10. The Party hierarchy and 1922 Committee have achieved in breaking the trust and working backbone of a once great Party. In manipulating the leadership contest at achieve what they failed to do the first time around. They will go down in political history(as an individual did) they fixed it! Shame on all of you.

  11. I am absolutely devastated to hear Boris has withdrawn but glad that he had the backing I am not happy that Sunak and the pack have their way and he is most likely to be our Prime Minister

  12. Sunak was too liberal with his financial support in the Pandemic, He showed disloyalty with his resignation as Chancellor. In the previous leadership contest he displayed the demeanour of a ‘salesman’. I remain a Conservative Party supporter but I do not respect the new leader!

  13. My votes have been undermined by the nasty backstabbers. If you don’t respect the member’s view, then don’t expect any further votes from me, you’re on your own.


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