Nigel Farage refuses to rule out legal action over being unfairly debanked


The GB News presenter said he is consider ‘all options’ as fury grows over the scandal.

Nigel Farage has refused to rule out taking legal action over the closure of his bank accounts by NatWest subsidiary Coutts.

He told GB News: “I’ve blown the whistle on the British banking industry, which has been going in the wrong direction for years, many thousands of people who don’t have a platform, have been shut down or been closed out and that’s really awful.

“But also I’ve used something called Subject Access Request, which I didn’t even know existed two months ago. And it’s important for us on the channel now to say to people if you’ve been closed down with a bank or treated badly, you have as much right as I do to put in Subjects Access Requests, I recommend that you do.

“…if your family can be subjected to being PEPs, that really is a price too high for going into politics or senior position in the judiciary, or whatever it may be, but I’ve really done it because I’ve been aware for some years now that thousands of people are being shut down by the banks, particularly people taking cash as they want us to drive towards a cashless society.”

In a discussion with Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner, he continued: “I’m going to urge the Government and the Treasury select committee to act – don’t go to Benidorm for three weeks or wherever you might be going. That committee needs to hold [NatWest chief executive] Dame Allison Rose in front of it in short order.

“We need to find out what is going on in a bank that has 19 million customers and is 39% owned by us the taxpayers still. I’m considering all options.”

Asked if he would be taking legal action against he said: “I don’t know yet. And right now, my real focus right now is to get this debate out as broadly as possible to get people to understand that subject access requests exist.”

Source: GB News


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