Nigel Farage warns Conservatives face destruction if there is a ‘Brexit betrayal’

Photo credit: Nigel Farage / Twitter

Nigel Farage says the Conservative Party will be destroyed at the next general election if the Government pursues a Swiss-style relationship with the European Union.

Commenting on reports over the weekend about the Government’s plans, Mr Farage spoke exclusively to GB News today and appeared to hint at a return to frontline politics. 

Reflecting on the Sunday Times’ Switzerland scoop, he told Tom Harwood: “Well, of course, it’s a newspaper story, a Sunday story and you know, you can always be sceptical about those. However, there is a bigger truth because ever since Jeremy Hunt was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, it has been clear that the globalists, the remainders, the centre left social democrats are now back in control of the Conservative Party.

“The free marketeers, the Brexiteers have been routed in their own party and you could argue that Brexit has been betrayed already to a certain extent.

“We’ve got illegal immigration running at numbers that nobody can even believe, legal immigration running pretty close to all-time highs and Hunt’s budget made it clear that once those numbers of about a quarter of a million net a year will continue.

“We’ve had little deregulation or help for our industries, our businesses, precious little done for our fishermen, so Brexit is disappointing because of what the Tories have delivered.

“And frankly, if we’re going to head down a route of closer regulatory alignment, it wouldn’t surprise me but it would be the final act of betrayal.”

Speaking to Mr Harwood on GB News Mr Farage issued a warning shot of what that betrayal would mean saying : “We’re replaying what happened in 2019. We’re going through the same process again, because that’s what Mrs May’s Chequers deal was all about. It was BRINO, it was Brexit in Name Only.

“If you haven’t got the courage to free things up and look to a bigger world, deregulate, and you might just as well stay with the club.

“The problem with the Conservative Party is this: whilst I get the logic of that argument, there are still huge numbers of people who voted for something, the free open democracy and want to see it delivered.

“And I remind you that in 2019, we did not leave the European Union on 29 March as promised, the Brexit Party came back and smashed the Conservative Party into their worst national election result in 200 years.

“What I’m saying is if they want to go through that level of betrayal again, they will be destroyed at the next general election in a way that they cannot begin to contemplate.”

Source: GB News



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