Over half of voters believe UK immigration is now too high shows new poll


More than half of British voters believe immigration is now too high – and a third would back a new political party focused on bringing levels down, a new poll reveals.

The GB News opinion poll saw 54% describe levels as “too high” – and just four per cent said they felt numbers were “too low”.

Among Leavers the concern about levels of immigration appear  even greater with 81% stating  immigration is too high, and only 5% saying it is about right or too low.

The survey of 1,208 by PeoplePolling also asked voters whether they felt there was a need for a new party in Britain to campaign to lower the level of immigration. 

Overall, 33% of the country said there was, rising to 57% of people who voted Leave in 2016.

Commenting on the findings, Professor Matthew Goodwin of the University of Kent said:

“These numbers underline the very high levels of public concern over the historically unprecedented level of immigration into the country. Crucially, for Rishi Sunak, the vast majority of his voters appear utterly convinced that the numbers are too high, pointing to another problem in a long line of problems for the incumbent prime minister.”

On the desire from many for a new party he said:

“With rumours of an imminent return for Nigel Farage and the Reform party turning up on the volume on immigration, our numbers suggest that around one-third of Britain would be open to a new party that specifically campaigns to lower the overall level of immigration into Britain, rising to nearly 60 per cent of the country’s Leavers. There is, in short, more potential space for a Reform-type party than their current 5 per cent in the polls implies”.

Meanwhile the poll also revealed that Rishi Sunak and his Conservatives are stalling in the polls.

When asked how they would vote, 46% said Labour, 21% opted for the Conservative Party, and 7% selected the Liberal Democrats. 

The Greens were on 9% and Reform 7%. This represents a three-point fall for Conservative and a two-point jump for Labour from last week, increasing the gap between the two parties to a massive 25 points. 

The poll also shows a decrease in Sunak’s favourability ratings, from 30% of the public having a favourable view in October to 26% today.

Prof Goodwin added:

“Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party have stalled in the polls and, if anything, now appear to be going backwards. While Team Sunak have now launched a more concerted effort to turn the ship around, our numbers suggest they still have a very long way to climb indeed. Were these numbers replicated at a general election they would almost certainly deliver an election wipe-out”.


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