PETITION: Sign to say it’s wrong to change 1922 Committee rules in bid to oust Boris


Current rules mean MPs must wait another year if they were to launch another no-confidence vote in the Prime Minister – but some MPs are trying to change the rules. We can’t let this happen.

It’s cheating, it’s not fair and just because they can’t get what they want, they shouldn’t be allowed to change the rule book.

Just week’s ago the Prime Minister survived a confidence vote and under the current rules of the committee, he cannot be challenged again for another 12 months.

But the Executive of the 1922 committee are contemplating changing the rules tonight.

Please sign the petition to say you don’t agree with a rule change.

We the undersigned petition the Executive of the 1922 Committee against changing the rules to allow a second vote of no confidence within 12 months...

Stop cheating and changing the rules 1922 Committee



  1. Boris has my complete support, he was voted in by the people and that vote should be respected, this is just another example of the few trying to overturn democracy and get the result they want.

  2. BoJo is the best PM we have had and there is nobody in the party that can be as good as he is so get behind him and back him all the way and forget the media

  3. Boris as our support 100% and the 1922 committee should not be changed ,outher wise all future pm can be ousted everytime MPs don’t like something,this can’t be allowed to happen .

  4. It should be the electorate who decide when to depose of a PM, this is definitely not the time. Boris has had a massive task for the past two and a half years. I fully support the PM.

  5. We are the one’s that put Boris there, and it can only be us that ask him to leave, well boris you have my vote and many many others, keep fighting and keep up the good work, its been a hard few years for you, no one else could have done what you have done for this country, stay strong

  6. Boris has done nothing wrong, weed out the traitorous remainers who are trying to get him out and to rejoin the EU.

  7. Even the turncoat mps want to twist the voting like London mayor. Needs to be stopped. Rules are rules they say

  8. If they force him out they can have my membership card back and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  9. This witch hunt for Boris to leave is a total disgrace especially now with cost living ,war its been a hate campaign and there needs to be inquiry into it ,he was elected by us and doing a great job he goes then so does my vote

  10. Every Conservative MP, whether man or woman, must be held accountable for your own actions and must resign or be fired if you behave in such a way which brings shame to the Part and Country. There is a major political divide in the UK mostly brought about by Brexit. More needs to be done to bring the media on side rather than against. Fuel tax needs 40% reduction, open up all UK fuel optiops to produce our own gas, electric, nuclear, sea and wind turbines. Make us as self sufficient as possible. Press pause on charging for green technology and slow down the zero carbon target date. More needs to be done to stop fraud and money wastage, laws need to be changed to enable us to rid our country of illegal immigrants and foreign criminals. Pensions need to be given a complete overall to ensure the best and most rewarding pensions are available from the minute you start to invest. So much needs to be done by the Conservatives, fail to take a different direction and fail at the next hurdle ! Only mass change will save the Conservatives now but I’m still with them

  11. If the 1922 change the rules because they didn’t like a previous result, then democracy in the Conservative party is dead and buried.

  12. I am appalled at the treatment of Boris, all been instigated by the left, labour, the media, and now his own party. All trying to bring him down because of Brexit, Boris has done a great job to keep the going and safe during the Pandemic. Traitors the lot of them.

  13. These people that are trying to get rid of Boris do not represent us the true Tories that gave this goverenment an 80 seat majority.

  14. Boris has my full support, his fellow MPs, lining up against him are an utter disgrace. We as members decide the leader not power hungry mediocre M.Ps. If you get rid of Boris I will keep my membership to have a say on a new leader, than you can shove it up your jacksy.

  15. How can a party run a country if they keep changing the rules to get the leader out. I voted for Boris,even though I have been labour all my life. And Boris should stay as leader( PM )
    All the Boris witch hunt is doing is helping labour, which I do not want to see, as labour as they are now are not for the working class. SO LET’S keep Boris incharge.

  16. I back Boris 100%
    How can they even think of changing the 1922 just because things aren’t going the way they think it should !! Absolutely disgusting behaviour.
    We voted Boris in to get us through Brexit (amongst other things) , if he goes now they’ll have us back in the EU asap , we can’t let it happen.
    What happened to working together for the nation ,need to stop this witch hunt by the media and the remainers now !!

  17. I support Boris 100%. I voted him in to lead the Conservative party and nobody else. He’s doing a great job in difficult circumstances. He’s the only person I would vote for.

  18. Angela and Carl Moore
    We back Boris as PM you do not change the rules because you don’t like the PM he is the best one for the job if you get rid of him you will lose your job and our vote. We will never vote Tory again EVER!

  19. What are they thinking about……..he won his no confidence vote but they also fail to realise that their jobs were given because of Bori. Keep going sir.

  20. We the public voted so let Boris get on with what we voted him for .The committee should not be allowed to intervene with the public vote .

  21. The public pick our Prime Minister, not you MP’s. You are elected to serve us the public, so do your job and stop all the back stabbing of our PM.

  22. What’s happening to Boris at the moment reminds me of how they treated Winston Churchill and look what he went on to achieve. I hope that or PM is allowed the same courtesy because up to now he has accomplished more in the last couple of years than the majority of his predecessors

  23. I’d never voted Tory, but Boris wanted to support Brexit and that was enough for me.
    Unfortunately he’s surrounded by traitor-collegues who clearly have ulterior agendas.
    Hang in there BoJo.

  24. I am disgusted by the way the 1922 committee think they can change the rules to suit. We the Public Voted for Boris to be PM not the Conservative Party. Boris has my 100% support. If he goes I will keep my membership to vote for next leader and then I will never vote again. Traitors the lot of them.

  25. Whole thing from Pincher set up to mass resignations is an organised attempt to overturn democracy in the U.K. remainers acting for their EU masters.

  26. Again people trying to change the rules because they don’t like the result. Voters put Boris into government many mps only won there seats because of him. Change the rules and see the backlash you receive

  27. All of this is about Brexit and Boris working for the people and the country rather than feathering the nest of parliament. I support Boris, the people voted him in and only the people should be able to vote him out. If we have this scenario again then I believe that the Conservative party will not recover this time around because too many of us remember the betrayal of Maggie by her own party.

  28. It’s unbelievable that people can just change the rules just because they don’t like the original outcome.

  29. It was a complete witch hunt on boris iam cutting my membership card after the treatment you gave boris

  30. I’m still behind Boris. I don’t want to live in a country essentially ran by the media which is more or less where we are now. We can’t cave in to this bullying.

  31. To the those who voted against Boris who got in on a massive majority, and got you lot in power,may God forgive you for your treachery, The battle he has had not only trying to please everyone during the pandemic,Ill hiself, him and his loyal team have brought so much trade into this country ( you know who you are ), got us out of Brexi whilst facing the opposition witchunt ,the Bias left wing media .All remained might add.Well you reap what you sow..

  32. It’s time to remove the corrupt members of the privilege Committee and investigate Sue Grey’s questionable partiality in the writing of the Partygate report. It is clear that those who ousted Boris did it to try and prevent Brexit. Bring back Boris and let’s get Brexit done.

  33. I too believe all that the grassroot supporters of the Conservative have written. It appears to be a deliberate attempt to corrupt democracy to actually remove Boris Johnson from the position he fought for and won at the last General Election. I will never be voting for anything to do with the current set up now or in the future. Democracy for the person and the people must be restored and those that seek to deprive anyone of this should be, it seems, given a taste of their own medicine. Bring back Boris Johnson and let him finish the job of delivering the Brexit the vast majority of the electorate voted for in 2016 now.

  34. After watching the spiteful, revengeful and clearly corrupt investigation of the Partygate nonsense it is clear for all to see that this country is now (horrifyingly) like the US. How can Tony Blair have no investigation after knowingly murdering millions of innocent people by lying to all that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when they did not yet Boris is ‘done’ for drinking an apple juice on his birthday. Not to mention Kier Starmer and Sunak doing the same thing but getting away with it. Democracy has gone out the window and witch hunts are now ‘in’ – we are now a banana republic. If Boris wasn’t such a threat to those in power not to mention the anger of the Removers in regard to Brexit this would never have happened. Those who gave their lives in the last two world wars will be turning in their graves. They did not give their lives for this country to end up like this. I don’t know how those on the committee can sleep at night knowing full well what they have done. But, what goes around comes around.

  35. Now get rid of every single MP & Minister whom voted for Privileges committee report, disgusting, personal attack on Boris – the people’s PM. Deselect every one of the traitorous snakes. They hated Brexit, they hated Boris & frankly they hate the British voters.
    The liberal elite, press, & the corrupt civil servants are running the U.K.
    What the people want matters not to this cabal, as demonstrated- Boris’s huge election victory was crushed by this group whom worked together to achieve their aims. From day one they vilified Boris & anyone who dared to support him, with usual piffle, he’s racist, he can’t be trusted, he’s not one of us, he won’t bow down to civil servants or media, we need to blacken he’s name on a daily basis. They achieved exactly what these monstrous, useless, greedy, taking from trough of the British people doomsayers wanted, useless, inactive, pro EU, Theresa May government mark 2, that can be manipulated from within & used for what they all want, return to EU’s corrupt fold, expand immigration, water down the views of the right & centre right in anyway they can. Not democracy. Clear the swamp , let the people vote . Get rid of them in next election in any manner we can.


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