Prime Minister Truss pledges to stop illegal migrants crossing the Channel 

Photo credit: GB News

Prime Minister Liz Truss has pledged that her Government will stop the flow of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats.

In a wide-ranging interview with GB News, she said: “I’m determined that we get to grips with what’s been happening with small boats, these appalling people traffickers are causing huge human misery and we need to get to grips with it.”

The Prime Minister continued: “The point is it shouldn’t be happening, and we’re going to stop it happening.

“I do want to look at more deals beyond Rwanda, I also want to make the Rwanda policy work by making sure we can control our own laws and we can’t be overruled by the ECHR.”

According to Government sources Home Secretary Suella Braverman will today pledge to prevent human rights laws “interfering” with the UK’s ability to deport illegal migrants by introducing a new law barring anyone who crosses the Channel from claiming asylum in Britain. 

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference this afternoon it is understood the Home Secretary will accuse the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg of “mission creep” by “grossly expanding” the remit of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) to include asylum claims which it was never designed to cover.

Ahead of her speech in an article in The Telegraph Ms Braverman said:

“The time has come to take control of this situation and make sure the ECHR and its domestic equivalent, the Human Rights Act, cannot interfere with our illegal migration regime.”

In the Prime Minister’s interview on GB News she also said she wants “to see is a faster growing private sector” saying: “I want to see investment and enterprise across our country, I want to see high wage jobs for people, I want to see more opportunity.

“And also, I want to see more revenue generated for taxes to spend on our public services. So that’s all about having successful businesses and making it easier to start up your own business. And then it is easier to get on to the jobs ladder and get a high wage job. That’s what I’m about.”

Speaking to GB News’s Darren McCaffrey, she said: “The private sector hasn’t grown fast enough and economic growth means more opportunities, it means people being able to have more money to spend, whether it’s on a new car or other opportunities or supporting their children, that’s what I want for people.

“I want those opportunities and that growth, so… it’s not that the state is growing too much, it’s that we haven’t seen businesses grow enough.”

Asked about the launch of the Government’s medium-term fiscal plan, she said: “Well, we’ve got the date of November 23rd. This is when we’re going to set out the OBR forecast, but also our medium term fiscal plan.

“And what we’ve done is we’ve had to take very urgent action to deal with the immediate issues we face, the energy price, the inflation, and a slowing global economy. And if you remember, people were facing energy bills of £6,000, we’ve dealt with that.

“The maximum is now £2,500. For a typical family, that’s also going to help curb inflation by up to 5%. And holding tax low is going to mean that economic growth is faster, which is also really important.

“But now we’ve dealt with that we want to set out our plans to bring down debt, as a proportion of GDP in the medium term.”

On multiculturalism, the Prime Minister said: “What we need to see is we need to make sure that we are properly policing these issues, and that we are dealing with it properly across the country.

“It’s obviously extremely concerning [riots] but this is a matter that needs to be dealt with by law enforcement, because that kind of thing is not acceptable.”

Asked about privatising Channel 4, she said: “What I’ve said is, first of all, Channel Four should definitely stay in Leeds. I think that’s a very important priority and we will look at the business case and make sure it’s value for money.”

On calls for the Elgin Marbles to be returned to Greece, she added: “I don’t support that.”

Source: GB News


  1. Pledges promise’s have all been heard before
    Action not words is what is needed
    So the PM will be judged by the actions she takes
    It’s not all bad news coming out of the conference
    The tabloids love painting a negative picture of the UK
    Let’s get behind the PM for now and stop all this backstabbing and in fighting

  2. Yes this is all long overdue they have to be stopped Its outrageous that our hotels etc are overflowing with them Hope Suella is successful in stopping them claiming asylum Just turn them straight round and over to Rwanda if not their home country They shouldnt even be processed here just send them to Rwanda It could hopefully prove to be a deterrent if this step is successful


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