Prime Minister Truss sacks Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor


Prime Minister Liz Truss has sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor.

Several sources are now reporting the PM, who is due to hold a press conference later today, has now axed Mr Kwarteng from his role as she prepares to announce that she is ripping up the mini-Budget. 

The Telegraph says: “Ms Truss will use the press conference to announce that corporation tax will rise to 25 per cent this spring. The about-turn means she is abandoning one of the flagship tax cut promises from her Tory leadership campaign. 

“Ms Truss had pledged to scrap a corporation tax hike from 19 per cent to 25 per cent which had been scheduled for April next year by Rishi Sunak when he was chancellor. But the rise will now go ahead as planned.”

However, the PM is expected to stick to her National Insurance cut plans and the income tax basic rate cut.


  1. Very classy letter. Pity the press is running the country, and the EU is running the press.
    Bring back Boris or the Cons are finished.

  2. Quite agree Ronnie. The Conservative Party seem to insist on committing suicide. We had a popular PM who the country had voted in resoundingly. What do we have now? The press and the 1922 committee running things to suit themselves. Just ask Boris to come back and put Javid back as Chancellor, where he was doing a pretty good job, until Cummings got in the way. Yet another person who thinks he knows better than the population of this country.

  3. Boris Johnson should never had been ousted. He now needs to come back, but to be honest, the way he was treated, no one could blame him if he won’t.
    I truly hope and pray the 1922 committee are axed, the backstabbing backbenchers need to be gone, there are many contenders to replace them who are loyal!
    I’m so embarrassed to be associated with the present Tory party and I firmly put the blame on The Brady bunch!

  4. I believe that with Boris being hounded out of office and the following shenanigans within the Party to oust Liz Truss is part of a conspiracy to get remainders into office and take us back into the EU. I would be very surprised if Boris wanted to return to the mess that the Conservative Party has made for itself. I heard he was making a lucrative income giving speeches in USA!


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