Prince William serves first Earthshot Burger with YouTubers


The Prince of Wales joined the team behind YouTube channel Sorted Food to celebrate winners of The Earthshot Prize, and then surprised members of the public by serving them from a burger van in London.

In a new episode now available on YouTube, the Sorted Food founders review and test three Winners’ innovations – each representing a groundbreaking solution to repair our planet.

This collaboration with Sorted Food is part of The Earthshot Prize’s new partnership with YouTube to produce content for the Earthshot channel that inspires users to drive action against climate change with stories of urgent optimism from around the world. 

With over 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, Sorted Food is renowned for environmentally friendly food solutions and putting food gadgets through their paces.

The Prince of Wales in the Sorted Food studio

The 2022 Prize Winners featured are: Notpla (Winner, Build A Waste-Free World), Mukuru Clean Stoves (Winner, Clean Our Air), and Kheyti’s Greenhouse-in-a-box (Winner, Protect and Restore Nature).

Based in the United Kingdom, Notpla creates natural and biodegradable food packaging from seaweed to address the global challenge of plastic pollution. They’ve recently launched a new partnership with The Duchy of Cornwall, which has already seen their plastic-free packaging solutions supplied to The Oval. 

Mukuru Clean Stoves, developed in Kenya by entrepreneur Charlot Magayi, have produced cleaner-burning portable stoves that use biomass for fuel, instead of charcoal. 

Finally, Indian start-up Kheyti has developed a Greenhouse-in-a-box to support small-hold farmers and shelter their crops from unpredictable elements and destructive pests. Plants that are frequently grown in a Kheyti greenhouse, including the vegetables used to make The Earthshot Burger, require 98% less water and yields seven times more crops.

To find out all about The Earthshot Prize, head over to their YouTube channel and subscribe here.

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