Queen meets Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in first in-person engagement since catching COVID

Queen Elizabeth II receives Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during an audience at Windsor Castle. Screengrab. Steve Parsons.

The Queen has held her first in-person engagement since catching Covid, meeting Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle today (7 March 2022).

The Canadian Prime Minister is in the UK for talks with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Last month (20 February) the Queen tested positive for Covid-19 and was said to be experiencing “mild cold-like symptoms.”

However, Her Majesty appears to have fully recovered, looking rested and well in her photos with the Canadian PM today. She was also not pictured using the walking stick she has been photographed with of late.

A released press photograph shows the Queen, who usually takes a neutral stand on all political matters, greeting Mr Trudeau in front of a vase of blue and yellow flowers, in what appeared to be a subtle message of support for Ukraine.

The monarch, who is also Queen of Canada, was pictured standing and smiling warmly at Mr Trudeau as he held her hands in his.

Mr Trudeau, who has known the Queen since he was a child due to his father Pierre Trudeau being the Canadian Prime Minister (1968–1979, 1980–1984) said:

“I can tell you in my conversation with her this morning she was as insightful and perspicacious as ever, very interested in what’s going on.”


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