Raab slashes foreign aid to China by 95%


In a move that has been welcomed by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has said aid to China will be slashed by 95% after imposing a raft of foreign aid cuts.

Mr Raab confirmed that China’s pot had been cut to just £900,000.

In a written statement to Parliament, the Foreign Secretary said:

“The resulting portfolio marks a strategic shift, putting our aid budget to work alongside our diplomatic network, our science and technology expertise and our economic partnerships in tackling global challenges.”

Mr Raab’s statement outlined how £8.11 billion of the aid budget will be allocated by the Foreign Office (approximately 80 per cent of the total UK spend) including £906 million for humanitarian preparedness and response.

He said work involving that money will now focus on countries most affected by risk of famine, including Yemen, Syria, Somalia and South Sudan.

Raab said he “strived to ensure that every penny of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s Official Development Assistance spend brings maximum strategic coherence, impact and value for taxpayers’ money.”

Mr Raab added:

“We will focus on core HMG priorities for poverty reduction, including getting more girls into school, providing urgent humanitarian support to those who need it most, and tackling global threats like climate change, Covid recovery and other international health priorities.”

The £900,000 which will still go to China will help fund programmes to improve human rights.

The Foreign Secretary said some additional funding would be sent to Beijing in 2021 as a result of contractual costs for pulling out of previous programmes.

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  1. Considering China boasts about its increasing dominance on the world market and how well the yen is doing i think 900.000 thousand is far too much,it could be spent be in much better way,helping others that actually need it.


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