RAF deploy to the Iberian Peninsula in a show of unity and force

Photographer: SAC Ryan Murray RAF - UK MOD © Crown copyright 2022

Royal Air Force Typhoons have flown to Portugal to conduct fighter integration training with their Portuguese counterparts.

The training helps demonstrate the UK’s commitment to the defence of NATO and the ability to project airpower over the Atlantic and Western Mediterranean.  

Flying from RAF Lossiemouth in Elgin Scotland, the Typhoon FGR4 operated by IX (B) Sqn transited north to Monte Real Air Base in Portugal, home to the 201 and 301 fighter Squadrons who both operate F-16 Falcons, as they continued their air integration training.

Speaking of the detachment, a Lossiemouth Typhoon pilot said:

“It is always a privilege to work alongside international colleagues. This deployment has provided an opportunity to develop training and tactics with our NATO partners and demonstrates the strong bond and operational understanding between the two Air Forces.”

Operating away from the home base offers a range of training opportunities for the aircrew, flying alongside other nations provides invaluable insight to each other’s tactics and procedures, each of the pilots got to fly alongside their Portuguese Air Force counterparts in a variety of fighter manoeuvres.

The Typhoons made the journey to and from Portugal with the support of an RAF Voyager aircraft from RAF Brize Norton, which provided air to air refuelling.

This year the Portuguese Air Force celebrates its 70th anniversary, with a fitting motto: “70 Years – Defending the Future”.  The F-16s are part of the fleet which achieved over 100,000 flying hours in the last year.


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