Red tape cut for wine imports to save British wine lovers £130m a year


Ministers announce intention to remove VI-1 certification requirements for imported wine.

Ministers today (25 July 2021) pledged to cut red tape for British wine importers – saving British wine lovers up to £130m a year.

Once implemented, the change would remove the requirement for VI-1 certificates on all imports of wine into Great Britain, which means substantial savings for consumers and businesses.

The move will take away a significant burden on our wine trade, the second largest in the world in value terms. Industry analysis suggests that VI-1 certificates add 10p to every bottle of imported wine.

Removing this measure will cut red tape and ensure importing wine to the Great Britain is as streamlined as possible.

Food and Drink Minister Victoria Prentis said:

The British wine industry has increasingly delivered fantastic wines at great value from all around the world.

Cutting this needless red tape will place our businesses in a stronger position internationally, as they continue to grow, while consumers can raise a glass to great wine from around the world.

Great Britain is already a global hub in the international wine trade, supporting many jobs across the country. Ending the requirement for import certificates will strengthen this position and is a clear benefit of now having the freedom to determine our own rules.

International Trade Minister Ranil Jayawardena said:

It’s fantastic that the British people will no longer have to pay for unnecessary bureaucracy when they buy a bottle of wine.

Trade is key for economic growth and levelling up the country. Through our trade deals, we are making it easier for British consumers to access to top-quality products from around the world – including wine – and we are bringing down foreign trade barriers to open up even more opportunities for British businesses to succeed overseas.

Industry analysis suggests that this move will ultimately reduce the cost of wine for consumers. This will mean that wine drinkers around the country will be able to enjoy the same high-quality products from across the world at a cheaper price – on average 10p per wine bottle imported into GB.


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