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Rishi shows he’s got brawn as well as brains on army assault course

Credit: British Army Photographer. UK MOD © Crown copyright 2021.

Rishi Sunak visited the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick (ITC) in his capacity as the local MP this week, to understand how the Army trains its Infantry soldiers.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer took the opportunity to meet staff and recruits as well as try his hand on the centre’s challenging trainasium assault course.

Mr. Sunak was introduced to members of staff at Pegasus Company before being shown a demonstration from phase three soldiers completing tasks on the trainasium at the training centre in North Yorkshire.

Pegasus Company (also known as P Company or P Coy) is the training and selection organisation of the British Armed Forces. P Coy run the ‘Pre-Parachute Selection’ courses for Parachute Regiment recruits and regular and reserve personnel from across the UK armed forces who volunteer to serve in a parachute role within 16 Air Assault Brigade. 

Pre-Parachute Selection must be undertaken by all British Army candidates for parachute training who have not already undergone a strenuous form of training, such as UK Special Forces or the All Arms Commando Course. 

Mr. Sunak took the opportunity to gain an insight into how the Army selects volunteers for service with the Airborne Forces before being put through his paces on the trainasium – the centre’s unique assault course set 55 feet (17 m) above the ground, designed to test a candidate’s ability to overcome fear and follow simple orders at considerable height.

According to a spectator Mr Rishi did very well on the assault course. He said:

“He’s remarkably fit and certainly kept up with the lads. I think we were all impressed not only that he had a go but that he certainly held his own.

The heights didn’t bother him.”

Credit: Cpl Rebecca Brown / photos by British Army Photographer. UK MOD © Crown copyright 2021



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