Royal Marines on Exercise Serpent Rock 2020

Royal Marines of P Squadron, 43 Commando, conduct Vertical Assault training under the watchful eye of Mountain Leaders, the Royal Marines mountain warfare specialists, in preparation for cliff assaults and abseil extractions that will be conducted at night later in the exercise.

Royal Marines from 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group have taken part in demanding training exercises on, and within, the Rock of Gibraltar, perfecting techniques they use in their top-secret mission as the elite guardians of the United Kingdom’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

Royal Marines of P Squadron, 43 Commando, conduct an assault on the small urban area as part of the final phase of their training in Gibraltar.

Over 80 of these highly trained Commandos spent two weeks in early November on Exercise Serpent Rock honing the skills necessary for their no-fail mission protecting the Nation’s nuclear assets.

This annual exercise sees the Royal Marines making best use of Gibraltar’s unique terrain, undertaking amphibious and cliff assaults, close quarter battle in urban environments and within the network of tunnels the Rock is famous for, as well as patrolling its streets, thoroughfares and the narrow alleyways and passages that pepper this British overseas territory.

Pictured: Royal Marines patrol through the streets of Gibraltar on the way to an objective within the cave systems in the famous Rock of Gibraltar.


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