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RULE BRITANNIA! A patriotic 3am wake up call for pro-Hamas campers at Liverpool University


A patriotic student woke up protesters at a Palestine solidarity encampment on a campus at Liverpool University by blasting the song “Rule Britannia” and singing along with it at 3am.

Max Little, a first year politics student at Liverpool University was finishing a late night revision session when he decided to use his newly purchased air horn to give the pro-Hamas campers a “nice little wake up call.”

Max told the Conservative Post: “We’d just finished a late revision session and I’d just bought a new air horn so I decided to use it. They’re camping right next to the library and you can often hear them. It’s distracting. Events have been cancelled and the university is too scared to upset them so I decided to take matters into my own hands.”



Max continued: “Since the video’s release, I’ve received countless messages of support. However, I’ve learnt harrowing stories of anti-semitism under the guise of these protests. The government isn’t doing enough to combat anti-semitism, allowing protestors to spew hatred and illegally occupy university spaces. The Palestinian protesters have a right to protest freely, as I have the right to counterprotest.

“This isn’t a third-world country; we can discuss civilly without breaking laws or becoming hostile. There’s no need to froth at the mouth because someone has a different opinion.”

Max’s video has now gone viral on X (formally Twitter) after it was picked up by Turning Point UK and he’s received a host of celebrities endorsing his “brave” move and fans from across the world.

Commenting on the video Conservative commentator Chris Rose said: “This student is a legend… This needs to be done across all universities!” GB News host Darren Grimes added: “Very funny – brave kid!.”

Photo of brave first year Politics student Max Little. Source: Max Little

In June 2023, Max was awarded the National Westminster Bank Politics Prize for contributing to politics. During his time at the prestigious Merchant Taylors’ School in Hertfordshire he ran a youth politics club which saw an increase in youth engagement, specifically between ages 11-14.

Liverpool University has been asked for comment.

Buy Max a beer. This brave student definitely deserves it!

Follow Max on Linked in here: www.linkedin.com/in/max-little/



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