Scots Guards back in training after a summer battling the pandemic


The 1st Battalion Scots Guards have been shaking down their tactics, techniques and procedures and getting back to their more familiar role having spent much of the past six months supporting the United Kingdoms battle with the coronavirus pandemic. They have just spent a week on manoeuvres across Salisbury Plain on Exercise TARTAN STRIKE.

Recce Sgt Nelson flanks his commander during the delivery of a set of orders.

Devised by Major Charlie Turner, the Officer in Command of the Battalion’s Right Flank Company, the exercise was designed to test the Guardsmen in their mechanised infantry capacity; or to put it simply, how to go into battle and assault the enemy from their armoured fighting vehicles.

Sections members communicating during a contact.

Exciting times lay ahead for the battalion as it is earmarked to be in the vanguard of the British Army’s new concept of developing strike brigades and will look to re-equip with state-of-the-art new armoured vehicles to replace the Mastiffs, Huskies and Jackals they currently operate.

Recce Sgt Nelson observes his arcs at last light near the vehicle harbour area.
A section member returns fire at first light during an advance to contact.
Happy to be back in the field.
Byline:Sgt Nick Johns RLC  
Credit:UK Ministry of Defence 2020  
Copyright String:UK MOD © Crown copyright 2020


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