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SIGN THE PETITION: Get GB News to Bring Back Dan Wootton


This week marks four weeks since Dan Wootton was suspended from GB News – Britain’s self-declared free speech news broadcaster – for not being offended enough at a bad joke by Laurence Fox.

The mainstream media, led by the BBC, ITV News and Sky News, whipped this non-story up into total hysteria, designed to destroy the top-rated show on the broadcaster. They have succeeded in silencing Dan, who has become a voice for the silenced majority in Britain.

Carol Vorderman and other hard left activists allegedly encouraged people who had never watched the broadcast in question to make fake complaints to the government regulator Ofcom, which many feel is increasingly attempting to control and neuter GB News. It didn’t matter that Dan had provided balance to Laurence’s provocative comments and apologised for them as soon as the show ended.

In the month he has been off air, GB News’ ratings, especially at 9pm, have plummeted as viewers boycott the channel they had come to love.

We have lost Dan’s voice during one of the most important times in modern history, as the world teeters on the brink thanks to the Israel/Palestine war and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak marches the Conservative party towards electoral oblivion.

Meanwhile, the BBC, ITV and Sky News have brought shame on Britain with their biased, anti-Israel coverage of the conflict – including reporting fake news about the hospital bombing being the fault of Israel. Surely they should be the focus of Ofcom, not Dan for not being offended enough by a bad joke?

Antisemites are openly campaigning for Jihad on Britain’s streets, while Dan remains muzzled. He apologised sincerely and accepted he should have reacted, but it is now essential that GB News accepts that apology and reinstates Dan Wootton.

His voice is so important at such a perilous time for democracy. He was the first show on GB News and helped build it from the ground up and deserves better treatment.To make this point clear to management, please share your stories about why Dan Wootton Tonight needs to return to GB News.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION which will be sent to GB News bosses

Bring Back Dan

Dear GB News, I want to see Dan Wootton back on GB News. Please get him back on our screens and reinstate his excellent show. Signed:
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  1. Fancy asking a gay man,if he would sleep with such a woman.I think Dan was the victim here,he has no case to answer!!!!!

  2. Please bring Dan back. His 9-11 spot was the best show ever! He delivered the news with knowledge & humour. He is so very missed. He has done nothing wrong & has apologised for not stopping Laurence Fox, when he should have done!

    • You are so right. What on earth is wrong with GB news management. I have stopped watching from 9pm. Bring back Dan NOW I say

  3. Why the silence over Dan Wootten? I will no longer watch GB news if they do not reinstate Dan.the hypocrisy of GB News is not good

  4. Wonder how many people no longer watch between 9&11
    It’s just not the same..and Why?
    Dan didn’t do anything wrong,so why can’t you bring him back?
    How many more signatures do you need?

  5. I just can’t see he did anything wrong ..GB don’t get bullied into making one of the worst decisions. Dan’s show was the best show on GB . Miss him it’s not the same anymore.

  6. I hope the ‘people’ listen to the comments above – Dan came across as normal and in touch with ‘us’ ordinary people.’

  7. Please don’t turn in to another Wokey station
    Dont let us down. We have been stifled and suffocated for a long time and waited along time for an alternative station in the UK
    No point now.
    I personally can’t see what he did was so bad. You are over reacting, where does it stop
    Get Dan back

  8. GB news please do not “go woke go broke”…..You pride yourself as the free speech channel,yet we have seen the sad departure of Mark Steyn and now this unjustified suspension of Dan Wootton which is totally unacceptable so reinstate him now or lose many viewers like myself being a fan from day 1 and now watch less & less due to the change in direction over the last year or so……MAKE GB NEWS GREAT AGAIN OR GO WOKE GO BROKE

    • Yes, just like you I loved to listen to Mark Styne at 8pm, then Dan at 9pm. I like Mark Dolan, but they should bring back Dan. I no longer watch GB news after 8 or 9pm.

  9. Please bring back Dan Wootton! He is such a good presenter! I hardly watch GB News anymore even though I like the other commentators as well! I miss Dan! Bring him back!

  10. Like many GB news watchers I was sad to see mark stern go don’t give into Main Street media people on other channels have done a lot lot worse than Dan so he has served his time now bring him back don’t start loosing viewers

  11. Please bring back Dan Wootton I do not watch the 9 O clock show any more.
    I think it is really unfair for him to lose his job because of a remark someone else made.
    Sick of woke I thought this was the peoples channel.
    Getting rid of Dan Wootton, we the people want him back unless you are woke.

  12. I agree with all the comments above, GB News just isn’t the same without Dan, he was such a talent, and I don’t want to watch anymore after 9pm. He made a mistake, he apologised, so don’t shoot yourselves in the foot as Dan’s show was the best. I really miss him and MD & PC just don’t match up to Dan. BRING HIM BACK.

  13. Bring back Dan, you have bowed to the woke brigade which I honestly thought you would never do, shame on you for making him a scapegoat!! I don’t watch after 9 pm now. His apology should have been accepted and you could have moved on. You have lost a very talented presenter, he was the best on GB News.

  14. Dan has done nothing to deserve this . There were always going to be snipers and vultures on a controversial character. Isnt GB News supposed to stand up to that ?

  15. Dan Wooton has been off air for far too long now serving an unjust sentence through no fault
    of his own. Out of all of your presenters he is the best. I miss his interesting, informative
    and amusing programme. BRING HIM BACK ASAP PLEASE.

  16. Dan is a huge talent : he was there from the start and a true believer in the GB News cause. We all need him back!!!

  17. I don’t watch it now. I love the freedom of speech (not) GB news but since the incident with Dan Wootton and Rev Calving Robinson I feel this channel is hiding behind a mask of desperation.
    We watch it because it’s the news and presenter we trust, I love Patrick Christy and mark dollen but I refuse to watch them at all now because of what the bosses have done.
    I hope they continue to lose ratings until the get their head out of their Arses and bring Dan back, only then will I watch it again

  18. I agree he as done nothing wrong it’s called free speech and he is great at it I wonder what the real reason is BRING HIM BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE bored after 9

  19. Please bring Dan back I have been watching G.B news to get what really is going on in the world what Lawrence fox said was wrong but you hear worse on trains and buses we all need to move on

  20. I agree with all of the above I have actually already given you my details GB News is not the same without Dan………..so bring him back………..to be honest I would be surprised that the other presenters are not also gobsmacked.

  21. We all know that the episode did leave a bad taste in mouth but really. A suspension would be fine and let’s get on with dan Wootton tonight. I forgive

  22. Gb news has lost its way…….not supporting Mark steyn was start,then this overreaction.
    Why Neil Oliver on so little????.
    I watch talk TV more now
    Management could change this……but you want advertising..do you not realise times changing to woke tide?

  23. you can never silence those who talk the truth!!Dan was very important to gb news,he made gb news famous and it won the award of the year!! its becaus eof Dan not because Pip Thompson -leftist pc presenter.
    your ratings would be through the roof if you bring dan back!!!! make all gb news supporters a christmas present–bring back Dan !!!

  24. Please bring back Dan Wootton even the other presenters have changed it was like a family. and that stupid show you have put on Sunday night w8th John Cleese I didn’t find him funny years ago Mark Dolan isn’t doing his show what 1 waste off an hour so please be a family again.


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