SIGN THE PETITION: Members should choose THEIR next Party Chairman


The Conservative Post and Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO) invite Conservative Party Members to sign and share this petition. Please fill in your details below and click submit.

This petition will be sent to CCHQ. At 10,000 member signatures we will ask for a vote at the next National Convention. We demand members have a say in selecting the party Chairman.

After Nadhim Zahawi was sacked from his position as Conservative Party Chairman – there is a vacancy at the top of the party to fill, and we want the members to choose their party Chairman.

The post of Conservative Party Chairman once had high status with senior figures such as Lord Tebbit, Kenneth Baker, Cecil Parkinson or Chris Patten. Figures with great political experience and able to make the case powerfully on the media.

As part of the general run down of the party and the drop in its membership numbers, the post of Party Chairman has been greatly devalued.

The Chairman has also become too much a representative of the Government to the membership rather than representing members to the Government. This is the wrong way around.

The Conservative Post and CDO advocates an elected Party Chairman, elected by members annually, one who loyally supports the Government but who represents the members’ views on how best to do so.

Chairmen shouldn’t necessarily be in the Cabinet and not necessarily be an MP. They need to be politically astute but might be drawn from outside Westminster.

CDO will be proposing an elected Chairman as part of its recommended Party Constitutional reforms for discussion, consultation and proposed agreement at CDO’s first major Conference in May.


We the undersigned, being members of the Conservative & Unionist Party, call on the Party Board and Party Leader to grant the membership the right to choose the next Party Chairman by means of a ‘one member one vote’ ballot.

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  1. Voted Tory for many decades; no more; do not think Labour will do any better. GB in now the laughing stock of the western world. Takes us several years to change or implement new laws etc. Needs 20 civil servants to do the job of 1. A minimum of a year to reach a “no brainer” decision ; list us endless.
    If private companies & businesses took as long they would never survive.
    Halve the number of civil servants in Westminster would be a good start. Then appointment an independent manager over the remaining ones & replace any deliberately sabacharging things they disagree with by pushing to back of their workload or on a ‘go slow’. Needing a truly good shake up.
    It’s not rocket science.

  2. The appointment of Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister whose resignation triggered the removal of the elected prime minister Boris Johnson was a coup . Could not believe that a coup could happen in a democracy especially Great Britain. Rishi Sunak was not elected by the people and because of that I will never accept him as my Prime Minister.

  3. Definitely we should have had a choice& voice ! We as members feel betrayed .
    Rishi was not elected but selected by handful
    Of MPs!
    He was a reject . Liz had our vote .
    Shame on the MPs & committee of 1922.

  4. The Party with unelected, none conservative Rishi and Hunt, is not being democratic and unless they are removed I, and my family, will not be voting Conservative at the next election. The members SHOULD have a vote on who our leader not a select few in the HoC.

  5. The original members choice and the choice of the electorate was Boris and the middle-management style back-stabbing incumbent needs to be removed and replace with Boris.

  6. John Redwood with Ian Duncan Smith my second choice. The current policies are very little different from the Communist/Labour Party’s. The Conservative Party will be all but wiped out at the next election unless it deports the hundreds of thousands of criminal immigrants who are mainly young men from savage countries as can be seen fro recent horrible rapes and murders.
    Learn from Singapore, cut taxes, punish the indolent reward hard work and success. Restore law and order and take on the Unions. Make all Public sector employees work a 5 day week in their offices and issue them all with new no strike contracts. Publish in full the generous Techers and Nurses salary scales and pension schemes.

  7. As a member I believe in one man one vote not a committee ‘deciding’ who they want in respective positions. The Conservative Party never behaved like this and it needs to stop now
    Boris has the charisma and the ability (which he has proven with the 80 red wall seats) and is the only person under present circumstances to give us a fighting chance at the forthcoming General Election. We don’t need a Manager we need a Leader ..we also need a Chancellor to enact low tax conservative policy in order to to get growth. Remainer high tax policy is not required or needed.

  8. I am in a quandary as to continuing my membership of the Conservative Party or trying to find a new political home. At the moment the Party Leadership is like a third world dictatorship. I am a firm believer in the membership running the party NOT the self appointed sects as it is now. There is not enough membership involvement in decision making, things must change or members will leave.

  9. I conveyed my opinion at the time it happened that the manner in which Boris Johnson was forced out of office was disgraceful. I did not vote for the treacherous Sunak to succeed him, but that is what we have ended up with. I would never vote anything except Conservative in an election, but I fear the relentless smear campaigns of the left wing media, backed by the huffing and puffing Labour Party, will lose the floating voters and previously Labour voters which Boris gained. Without demonstrable improvement in the fortunes of the Country, and the services it provides, I cannot see anything but failure in the 2024 election. God help us!

  10. I agree will many points raised above. I too was shocked when Boris Johnson was removed, and stunned when Rishi backers aided by 1922 Chair’ facilitated removal of Liz Truss.
    I would be happy for either: Jacob Rees-Mogg or John Redwood became Chairman of Conservatives Party.

  11. I am in the same position as John Bowyer as to wether to continue my membership to the Conservative Party.
    I am suggesting Ian Duncan Smith as chairman & am hoping Boris comes back as PM ..I personally will NEVER vote for Rishi
    He wasn’t selected by me & I sadly still wouldn’t vote for him

  12. I agree with most of the comments and add that we now have a government that is no longer truly conservative which is sad I would say most members are concerned with the direction of the party headed by the unelected Rishi Sunak and chancellor who has been foisted on us sort out our illegal immigrants coming over on boats and then I might reconsider my position.


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