SIGN THE PETITION: Rishi Sunak must reinstate Lee Anderson and STOP the suspension


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ordered the suspension of Lee Anderson after Labour wrote to Conservative party chairman Ric Holden accusing the Ashfield MP of Islamophobia.

Mr Anderson, former deputy party chairman, had claimed that London is being “run by Islamists” in the wake of extremism seen on London’s streets.

The suspension has shocked Conservative MPs and members at a time when Rishi Sunak’s own leadership is under question. One senior Tory MP said: “What on earth is going on in my party? This is madness.”

The former aide to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner said:

“I cannot believe that the party of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill is suspending the whip from a Conservative MP who is speaking the truth about the massive threat that Islamist ideology poses to Britain.”

A leading Conservative figure told the Conservative Post: “Rishi and Holden have done exactly what the speaker has done – caved into terrorist sympathisers at the beckoning of a bunch of wets.” Members and the grassroots have also taken to social media writing they are “disgusted” by Rishi’s decision to suspend Mr Anderson. One wrote: “Lee is our champion. A man of the people. Rishi suspending him for saying what we all think, is ridiculous. Just look at what is happening every week on London’s streets! Lee is right!” Another added: “I am disgusted with Rishi. We are supposed to be the party of free speech.”

Please sign the petition below calling for Rishi Sunak to reinstate Lee Anderson as Deputy Party Chairman and stop his suspension:

We the people demand Lee Anderson is reinstated as Deputy Party Chairman and Rishi Sunak stops his suspension.

Rishi Sunak must STOP Lee Anderson's suspension immediately.
I also want Lee Anderson returned as Deputy Conservative Party Chairman.
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  1. Our current pm doesn’t seem to care about the majority of voters if he did he would never cave in he needs to get a back bone

  2. I’ve been a Tory voter for more than 60 yrs, but, unless Lee is reinstated immediately then my vote goes to Reform, even if it means the slime ball Starmer gets into No10.
    Suspending Lee for voicing what the majority are thinking is his biggest mistake so far.
    The islamification of the UK is in full flow and has to be stopped, indeed reversed. Islam is evil and wherever it goes, wherever it plants it’s roots it brings death and destruction.
    Islam is not, never has been and will never be compatible with modern western democracy.

  3. #GetRidOfRishi, the election is winnable if direction 180d and new rw leader, not a washed out woke w⚓.

    Stop the appeasement repeat of 1930s. Now.

  4. Reform for me at GE, can’t bring myself to vote Conservative anymore, at least it will make me feel better that I’ve tried to vote for change.

  5. The UK is losing its identity you need to hang on for dear life to those strong enough for the fight ahead Lee is one of those warriors. You kick him out for speaking the truth then you’ve already lost and prove to the voters that you no longer represent the people who put you there.

  6. Every word he has said I agree with as do many thousands of voters. Rishi Sunak is too weak to run this country for the indigenous people of this country, it’s time he went and Lee Anderson was ewinstated as well as Suella Braverman. This country is no longer ours and free speech has long gone!!

  7. It’s racism to the white people it needs to stop 🛑 we are allowed to speak it’s been too long having to keep quiet because I might offend people!!!!!!

  8. The country is being invaded and dragged down by this parliament. None of the parties leaders have the backbone to admit what’s happening with these Islamists.we have two tied policing, the majority of the country knows this. It’s time government supported the British people not foreigners.

  9. Quite ridiculous to suspend Lee Anderson. He is only quoting what most of us think. Westminster, the media and some civil servants live in a bubble and have no idea what’s going on outside it. It was disgraceful what went on in HoC this week just to appease the mob of threatening Islamists

  10. No surprise that Lee Anderson has had the Tory whip suspended. The Sunake gets rid of anyone whom he feel is a threat to his leadership (Boris Johnson Dominic Raab, Suella Braverman and now Anderson) He lets other people do his dirty work for him. Has Rishi stood by him or shown you any support for making a remark about Sadiq Khan which everybody knows to be true? Of course not. He has just been waiting for an opportunity to get rid of him. Liz Truss will be next. READ NADINE’S BOOK. Seriously, when are MPs going to wake up to the fact that Rishi Sunak is a a snake in the grass who cannot be trusted? He is the exact opposite of what he professes to be and his globalist agenda aligns perfectly with that of Brussels, Crooked Joe and the WEF elites in Davos. The Sunak administration MUST be deposed NOW if the Conservatives are to have any chance whatsoever of defeating Labour. MPs need to have the courage to do what is in the best interests of the country and submit a vote of no confidence in the PM.


    • The conservatives have no chance at the GE with sunak in charge. He’s weak, never seen and dose not work for the people of the UK.

  11. Lee Anderson seems to be a true Conservative he speaks the truth.i never ever voted rishi sunak as my prime minister hes stab boris Johnson in the back he’s not my prime minister.

  12. We need more MPs like Lee Anderson he would make a great prime minister.We are a democratic country with free speech supposedly. Rishi is pathetic.

  13. Rishi Sunak has the backbone of a jellyfish ! Lee Anderson needs re-instating immediately for essentially speaking the truth.

  14. As a Conservative voter since 1960s if Lee aanderson is not re-instated my vote will never be made to this party again. He is only stating what most people believe in that a khan is keeping public funds from there intended use, in particular the Policing of London, he seems to think the public purse is his, He should be removed. His recent questioning regarding the increase in crime in London was denied by him even after official figures about the increase were put to him.

  15. I cannot believe our government does not hear our fear if Islam takes over and maybe has a Muslim party for the general election, be afraid, be VERY afraid

  16. I cannot believe our government does not hear our fear if Islam takes over and maybe has a Muslim party for the general election, be afraid

  17. Something rotting on the inside of the Conservative party these days.
    That’s the truth even if you don’t like it Rishi, you can’t sack me btw Is I already resigned my membership last month. 😋

  18. I totally agree with LeeAnderson. The conservatives need to have some backbone and get these protests stopped immediately They have been going on for months and they are dividing the country.

  19. You can shut down a Tower bridge but you can not start a conversation beginning ‘I Believe’ Free speech is dead, Lee is with the Brits where are the Tories?

  20. I have been a Conservative voter since 18 now 66. Unless Lee Anderson is reinstated my vote will be going to Reform. Lee was essentially speaking the truth. Furthermore, he is the only one listening to us, the rest of the party seem to have their heads in the sand and fingers in their ears. Rishi Sunak needs to be replaced as soon as possible otherwise the Conservatives will be toast at the General Election.

  21. Lee Anderson was 100% correct and Sunak must be replaced if the conservatives have any chance of retaining any seats at the next election -our once great country and heritage is being stealthily destroyed to the point of no return where sharia law will eventually become the norm 😡😡

  22. Islamaphobia is not a crime It highlights how Muslim Councils and followers are infiltrating UK politics and Life . British Values are being destroyed in Parts of the country With majority Muslim Labour councils turning a blind eye to Laws in favour of followers of islam . Other religions and immigrants have intigrated into British life . But Islam has not and wants to turn the UK into an islamic State with Sharia Laws And it should be noted that nearly all terrorist outrages that have happened in our Country have been perportrated Buy Muslims

  23. I do not want starmer and co in number 10. But I also don’t want Sunak as my PM any longer. I will not like most conservative voters, vote conservative while he is leader. We did not vote this snake in he was rejected by members. But the corrupt 1922 committee and rebel MPs wanted him at all cost to the party. We are now because of there stupidity and selfishness going to get Mr Flipflop as our next PM, unless people are brave enough and vote reform.

  24. Lee Anderson was 100% correct. If the Conservative party stand any chance of winning the General Election, they need to replace Rishi Sunak now. If all MPs are scared to be out and about. For once think about how the electorate feel! We’re scared of going out too. You are supposed to be protecting the country! Maybe you should be putting the Army on the streets, something needs to happen before it’s too late. It all stems from the little boats, stop benefits = stop the boats. Stop the marches, it’s stirring up hatred. I really worry about what our country is coming to. I wish Mrs Thatcher was still with us, because she would have stopped this years ago. She wasn’t called the ‘Iron Lady’ for nothing. Current government haven’t got the balls, let alone the backbone. Lee Anderson was only saying what we the people are thinking. Sadly, the government haven’t been listening (no change there).

  25. MPs are being intimidated by gangs of Muslims, teachers are being intimidated by gangs of Muslims, inmates in our prisons are being intimidated by gangs of Muslims??
    When will the spineless politicians in Westminster grow up and face the facts?
    Lee Anderson is absolutely right.

  26. What Lee Anderson said was absolutely correct. Our Country is gradually being taken over by people who do not agree with our longstanding way of life, and we need our Government to protect it.
    Rishi Sunak is far too weak to do anything about it, and needs to change himself, or else hand over the Premiership to someone who can garner the support of all of us who have normally voted for the CONSERVATIVE cause. My wife and I will certainly not vote for the Party until real change in its philosophy takes place very soon. Although we realise we will be handing our Country over to the pathetic Labour Party, we will, if nothing changes in the Tory Ranks soon, be voting REFORM. Sad, sad, sad times are these!!

  27. Sent today, via my MP: Dear Prime Minister, please reinstate the party whip to Lee Anderson MP with immediate effect. He has nothing to apologise for and was merely voicing the view of a great many people in this country when he commented on the Mayor of London’s racial and religious bias. In other words, he was simply doing what all MPs are elected to do – representing the people.
    His comments were not ‘Islamophobic’ – they were an accurate observation of recent shameful and outrageous events in London. The ineffectual manner in which these were policed abundantly demonstrates the Mayor’s ‘one-eyed’ approach to his duties as Police & Crime Commissioner. A ‘phobia’ is an irrational fear, but these events are clear evidence that there is nothing ‘irrational’ about the threat from Islamist extremism in this country.
    Politicians such as Mr Anderson and Ms Braverman are absolutely right to highlight and confront this threat and you should have the moral courage to stand with them and support them, not sack them. The Mayor of London is the one who should be sacked. Shame on you Sir!

  28. Lee Anderson is saying what everyone is saying but we don’t have a voice, or perhaps we do when we can vote, and I’m sorry to say unless you get a grip of what’s happening to our country my vote won’t be for you !!

  29. I have voted Conservative all my life and the apathetic MP’s in this Parliament turn my stomach. What has this country become. We were once a proud nation. Snowflakes! Reinstate Lee Anderson because if you don’t and cave in to the Labour Party you are in quicksand!

  30. Rishi needs to be a strong honest PM and call things out for that they really are like Lee Anderson does, Rishi needs to reinstate him immediately otherwise he will lose the next GE as the country needs a open and honest Leader!

  31. Rishi needs to Resign. We never voted for him or wanted him as our PM. He is weak and does not speak for us. Suella and Lee spoke out and look what happened to them! In my 30+ years of voting Tory, I have never felt so disheartened and let down by this government. Boris should still be our PM

  32. Sunak has played right into Starmer’s hands, this deflects attention from the issue of Starmer’s coercion of the Speaker last week, and risks labelling the Conservatives as racist, I have heard nothing on the news today except how this is an example of Islamaphobia in the Conservative Party today. What has happened to free speech?

    • Try changing to GB News, Christine, channel 263, on radio and online too of course. You will find it far more cross representative, accurate – and entertaining.

  33. First of all the Party removed Boris. Then the Party removed Liz Truss. Now they are removing Lee Anderson.
    Why? Is it coincidence that these MPs are popular with the membership? There are others in the party who have been silenced.
    As George Orwell said “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it”.
    Orwell also stated “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”
    I am struggling to see how the party remains relevant to me. Other options are being considered.

    • First of all the Party removed Boris. I agree. Then the Party removed Liz Truss. I agree. Now they are removing Lee Anderson. I agree.
      I believe Sunak is a nice, decent, honest man. But when did nice, decent, honest men ever make good leaders??

  34. I won’t be voting again, it’s absolutely pointless. What happened to freedom of speech.
    I hope reform get in power and sort this country out. What happened to Great Britain.

  35. Lee Anderson needs to be reinstated…even the black tories support what he said. The only racist and Islamaphobic is Sidiq Khan himself… pathetic little man using the race card when it suits him… There’s a post on Twitter where he said there are too many white men on the London underground… now why is no one calling him out for that… what a racist thing to say against the white people. Come May please God he needs to go…Please vote Susan Hall…

  36. I have voted conservative all my life , but this is the final straw for me . The way this party treats good mps is disgrace , I will not be voting for the conservative party it’s a disgrace. You are wereyou are because of all the in fighting . I support lee Anderson

  37. Seems like everyone who stands up for British values gets booted out of government. The culture surrounding Sunak and his woke Cabinet is really toxic. Ann Widdecombe was spot on when she observed “Not a true Tory in sight: just shades of pink and red.” They despise ordinary British people as much as Labour do. Cancelling Lee Anderson was a BIG mistake and I wouldn’t vote for these corrupt losers if my life depended on it. You have to speculate do the Conservatives actually WANT to lose the election? The answer has to be yes, otherwise they would have replaced the Snake by now. As the GE looms closer I bet most of them will show their true colours and defect to the Starmer’s party, just like Sue Gray, and serial backstabber Sunak will bugger off abroad like his mate Tony Blair did.

  38. How, exactly is it, Islamophobic for someone to say that Sad Dick Can’t is being influenced by Islamists? Those who believe that it is Islamophobic are admitting that Can’t must be doing bad things. If he were doing good things, then it wouldn’t be “phobic” to associate the man with Islam.
    Why doesn’t Sunak declare that whether or not Sad Dick Can’t is influenced by Islamists is an irrelevance, because he’s influenced by something much worse… the Labour party?
    Why doesn’t Sunak say that since Mr. Can’t is a prominent Muslim, he should be setting a good example to his co-religionists, rather than behaving badly through being a member of the Labour party (aka the Party of Evil)?

  39. I am so disgusted with this government, what a waste of an 80 seat majority, what has happened to our wonderful country, I don’t recognise it. My vote will go to Reform. Starter is going to get in anyway, preferable to have Reform MPs (hopefully) in Parliament at least there will be some decent opposition.

  40. We haven’t had a proper Labour government for over 50 years, so few realise how disastrous this will be.

    Thanks Rishi. Suspending Lee Anderson just ensures Kier Starmer a bigger majority.

  41. Imperative that he is reinstated if the Conservatives have any hope. We are horrified at the thought of a Labour government which is an inevitability if Reform continues to hoover up disenchanted right of centre voters. Reform itself is a disaster other than to hopefully force the Parliamentary Conservative party to its senses. Lee clearly wants to stay loyal to the party. He not only says what people think but is also very eloquent in doing so.

    Sunak MUST support him.

  42. Sunak is frightened of his own shadow, he needs to remember the indigenous people of this country who fought for it ,not for some of those who want to change us to their views and beliefs. Please bring back someone like Margaret Thatcher,who was loyal to the people and country,she would`nt have tolerated the marches by mostly non indigenous people and weak policing,we urgently need someone to bring back our civilised country.

    More power to Lee Anderson !!!!!

  43. Why are Central London street name signs also shown in Arabic?? Enough said. Put this man who speaks for the people back in position to allow him to continue to stand up for this Country. We are walking blindly into a take over. Stop the boats who bring even more Muslims over illegally and unless people who come here adapt to our way of life, learn our language and integrate into our society then they should not be welcomed. Everywhere you go mosques are opening and Islam is the fasted growing religion in this Country. People need to wake up before it’s to late

  44. Mayor Khan is on record expressing his desire, his intention, his hope, that “ there will be a Muslim in Downing Street”.. a comment made to fellow flag waving Muslims assembled at a rally. So it would seem elections are no longer about the success of a political party but a religious doctrine. Lee was blunt but spoke for many who are concerned regarding what is so clearly happening.

  45. Lee Anderson is what the Conservative party NEEDS.
    There are far too many in the party past and present who have put “me” first and constituents second or worse.
    Get rid of UNELECTED Sunak, Hunt, Hancock & Cameron for starters. Lee is better than all four combined.
    A REAL PM would have halted the hijacking of London’s streets, Whitehall and Tower Bridge BEFORE it had even started.
    Sunak is WEAK and is dragging the party to its knees.

  46. Lee Anderson is man of honesty and speaks to the thoughts of many indigenous Brits.
    Many of us are sick to the teeth of the grooming gangs, the intimidation, the calls for sharia law, the total lack of assimilation to our way of life and as for Tower Bridge and Big Ben, words fail me. Forcing THEIR beliefs upon us, by way of street prayers and the call to prayer broadcast over loud speakers is an abomination to Christians. The creation of no-go areas and the draw on taxpayer money to pay benefits to those who have never paid into the system is a supreme insult to those of us who have spent a lifetime working and paying taxes.
    We NEED Lee a damn sight more than a lot of those who currently draw thousands in expenses, with little regard to the wishes of the British voters.
    As a member of the Conservative Party I despair at the lack of backbone being shown by Sunak and he must show his support for Lee if he is to have a hope of remaining as PM.

  47. Our present crop of Politicians, (of the mainstream parties), with a few exceptions in, my opinion are the worst in living memory, (and trust me, I have a very long memory !). Whilst the infrastructure of this once great Country is falling apart around us our feckless Politicians are debating matters such as LGBQT+ and the conflict in Gaza, the latter I believe is supposed to be looked after by the UN, or is this yet another International quango to which we contribute with nothing in return ? Few MP’s such as Andrew Bridgen and Lee Anderson to name but two have the courage to speak out against the bleeding heart liberal establishment and are vilified for doing so. I will not vote for any party that treats its principled members in such a manner.

  48. Lee Anderson is only saying what the country thinks It is typical of the way the Tories are being run at the moment Re-instate him NOW.

  49. Lee must be reinstated immediately. Not doing so will make the Tory party completely unelectable. I have voted Tory all my life, but will no longer do so while they have a weak lefty leader, who suspends good honest MP’s like Lee Anderson

  50. Reinstate Lee Anderson asap, he has nothing to apologise for. He was absolutely right in what he said, the only MP who has said it as it is. I applaud him and would even rejoin the conservative party again if he was made vice chair. I was a conservative councillor but was appalled at the way the party has been going downhill.

  51. Whi is he being called out for having an opinion. Why aren’t people like Sadiq Khan & Keir Starmer defending the jewish community. Sadiq is the Mayor and therefore responsible for their safety.
    Instead he throws his support behind Hamas terrorists and the muslim community that for some reason have a lot of pent up anger against the jews. This type of hate must in-built into their DNA.
    Peaceful protests are allowed inthe UK but not the animalistic behaviour we are seeing

  52. Fed up with this former BRTISH country. Conservatives are letting muslim migration get out of control, I’m now voting for reform uk. I WANT MY BRITISH CULTURE BACK!! The way this country is going, we will soon be a muslim country, Mark my words

  53. I can not believe how stupid we have become. Labour does not have to destroy us we do it for them. We get rid of all the best MP’s. Boris, Suella ,Dominic and now Lee.

    We are just Stupid. We do all Labours dirty work for them. They must be laughing all the way to the election.

    Labour plays dirty and we let them. Rishi is Useless . We should change him we will be no worse off. As it stands we are going to lose so get rid of him and we may stand a chance

    We will be slaughtered. C.Courtina my MP a big Rishi fan has not got a clue

  54. I am Islamophobic, simply due to studying the Koran, it’s philosophy is frightening. Islam is a vile, outmoded cult and has no place in Britain; or anywhere else. On the attitude to women alone, it should be outlawed by the UN.

  55. I can’t decry the capabilities of Mr. Sunak as I believe he is a sincere gentleman dealt a very bad hand and attempting to make the best of it. Having said that, he doesn’t appear to have the charisma to turn people’s opinion quickly which is urgently needed. Rees-Mogg is correct in his opinion that another leader change would be catastrophic.

    Lee Anderson is a Midlander/Northerner holding forthright views which he airs frequently in the ‘devil take the hindmost’ manner common in the North which can be summarised as ‘I say what I think or I say nowt.’. Very refreshing in the current vogue of ‘beige’ politicians saying lots of words with little or no meaning. His comment concerning extreme Islamist control of London and elsewhere is somewhat clumsy and inaccurate but we all know what he meant and there is truth to the popular conviction that parts of Britain do not adhere to British law. Batley Grammar school being a fine example along with the disgraceful circumstances in Tower Hamlets whereby the Mayor removed and convicted of ballot-rigging (Rahman) has been permitted to stand for election and once again is Mayor.

    Our media circus are more interested in claiming scalps than accurate reportage thus any criticism of Muslims is labelled ‘Islamophobia’ in the same manner that anybody commenting that most London knife crime is committed by black people is ‘Racist’. These epithets are bandied about by our Metropolitan Middle Class mediocrities clearly displaying the deficiencies inherent in British education. Unfortunately, Mr. Anderson has let Mr. Starmer off the anti-Semitic hook by permitting a confected finger-pointing riposte of Conservative Islamophobia.

    I’m sure Mr. Anderson and GB News can present a clarification of Mr. Anderson’s argument which I’m sure will be reasonably considered by the silent majority of voters; we are not as stupid as journalist and ‘educated’ people believe, as Brexit showed. Long may people such as Mr. Anderson prosper.

  56. Firstly, British Law in Britain. Ban Sharia Law. What on earth is the conservative party thinking of by allowing foreign religious laws to prevail in Britain thus fostering ideologies that are hostile to our own thousands of years old indigenous/ native culture? Secondly, the London Mayor often mentions both Muslim and Womens’ rights in the same breath, yet women are often considered second class citizens in Muslim culture and do not even have equal access rights in Mosques. Why are we not pressing for full legal rights for Muslim women in these groups in Britain under British Law? Thirdly, imagine for a minute that the roles were reversed and that Jewish protest marchers in Parliament Square had projected genocidal anti Palestine comments on the side of Big Ben? Can you imagine the outcry that would have ensued from all quarters? Khan and Rowley both need to go, full stop, for fostering religious hostility, hatred and terror, civil unrest, illegal blocking of public highways and a dangerously supine police force.

  57. Lee is saying what most people in the UK agree with.
    Sadiq Khan has kept quiet for far too long on the subject of POLICING in London and this needs to be investigated…. the scenes we saw outside the HOC last week are completely unacceptable

  58. I’m a life long Conservative voter. I was a great admirer of Winston Churchill as a child and joined the Young Conservatives at the earliest possible opportunity. My teens were spent canvassing for the party both at a local and general level. When Margaret Thatcher moved into No.10 I was overjoyed. I fear that both she and Churchill will be turning in their graves with the lily livered Sunak in No.10. I cannot bring myself to call him a leader: he has no backbone. Lee Anderson is truly a Conservative and works tirelessly for members of his Constituency. He’s been a godsend to the people of Ashfield and speaks for the vast majority of working men and women in my opinion. We need Sunak out!

  59. Well said Lee, supposed to have freedom of speech in this country. He only told the facts about evil islam, wherever islam and muslims go, they bring nothing but destruction, death, barbarity, fraud, corrupt, uncivilised 7th century desert cult. Every other religion is fine. Except islam – the 1400 year old LIE, 1200 year old FAKEBOOK, producing the biggest LIARS, evil, thieving, barbarian hypocrite, brainless, incestuous, r@pe, inbred parasites. We are all thinking what Lee said and he speaks for the majority – that includes all British non muslims. Disgusting that muslims use hate speech, biggest racists towards non muslims yet cry islamophobia which is nothing but stating facts about the fictional manmade false cult – not a religion but a political 1400 year old desert cult ideology to control the desert illiterate camel washers. Get rid of bad rubbish NOW.

  60. My hat goes off to Lee Anderson we need free speech in our country, Islam and Muslims are eating their way into the very fabric of our beliefs and culture, this must be addressed very quickly. Civil war could happen in the uk if you silence the people.political correctness has gone way beyond common sense and needs urgent attention by any future government,I am with Lee Anderson all the way with his thoughts.

  61. I’ve complained to my M.P. several times (Bim Afolami). Still no response from him. When he does reply its bound to be something not that he has written but some bland response written by Conservative Central Office. It is this pandering to Islam and uncontrolled immigration that will sink the Tories. The Police completely ignored the slogan beamed upon Big Ben about the rivers and the sea and ignored egg and liquids thrown at Mr Daubney from GB News.

  62. Why is the state proposing to spend millions guarding MPs instead of tackling the cause Of them needing protection in the first place ? They should start by ensuring that the laws of the country are enforced by the police at the weekly pro Palestine rallies.

  63. Now, apparently, Lee Anderson is ‘being investigated’ by the Met Police for ‘hate speech/ racist comments’ towards the Mayor, Muslims, everyone blah blah, whatever, after ONE ‘unknown complainant’ contacted them. Interesting how its always an ‘unknown complainant’ isn’t it? Yet absolutely NO investigation into the foreign mob who projected murderous, anti Jewish threats onto Big Ben in Parliament Square last weekend, threatened British democratic MP’s and blocked the streets of London illegally. Seriously, Conservative Post, if you cannot force the so called conservative government you support and seemingly hold in some kind of esteem to arrest those in the Met Police for law breaking, idiocy and incompetence and have them replaced by useful, law abiding grown up human beings and change British, UK whatever laws to create common sense in the UK, or just abolish the Met police full stop and let the army deal with it, why on EARTH would Lee Anderson re join your frankly utterly useless party.


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