Snap poll shows 99% of Conservative Party members would vote for Boris if he was on ballot


A snap overnight poll has shown a staggering 99% of Conservative Members would vote for Prime Minister Boris Johnson if his name was on the ballot for the party leadership race.

The next Conservative leader is currently being selected by a process initially run by MPs before the final two are put in front of the party’s 200,000 members to select a winner. 

Overnight 361 Conservative Party members responded to the Conservative Post’s poll of which 356 respondents (99%) said they would vote for Boris Johnson if he was on the ballot and 5 (1%) said they wouldn’t.

All poll participants on the Conservative Post were required to enter their Conservative Party membership number or address so they could be checked they were indeed a member before voting.

Over the weekend Conservative party donors were also allegedly asking if there is any way Boris Johnson can be put forward as a candidate on the ballot for choosing the country’s new Conservative Leader.

Although it appears to go against Parliamentary rules, donors are not happy and reportedly asking if there is any way Boris Johnson can remain as PM.

The Prime Minister was forced to step down as leader of the Conservative Party last week following the high profile resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid. The resignations from a number of MPs and politicians then followed suit.

Even though Boris has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party, he remains in place as Prime Minister until a new leader is decided.

The process to appoint a new leader has already begun but Conservative donors are reportedly looking for ways to keep Mr Johnson in the top job.

On Saturday the former deputy editor of The Spectator and Mr Johnson’s former flame Petronella Wyatt, tweeted to claim he would be resigning as Prime Minister today (Monday) in order to stand as a candidate.

Downing Street was quick to deny Ms Wyatt’s claims and said Boris is not looking into ways to stand as a candidate in the race to decide the next Prime Minister. The next day Ms Wyatt raised more eyebrows when she tweeted: “I should point out, now that Number 10 have issued strenuous denials, that my tweet was, er, a joke.”

However, the party is coming under huge pressure from all sides from members and also high profile Conservative donors who are looking at ways of keeping Boris in the top job according to a source who said: “The Conservative donors aren’t happy and they’re asking questions. There has been no mandate from the people to remove Boris and everyone has been inundated by disgruntled party members.”

Another blamed the media and Remainers for getting rid of the Prime Minister telling the Mail on Sunday: “That Johnson has been got at by the blob, Remainers and BBC.”

According to the source there is a feeling in the Conservative camp of ‘remorse.’ One saying: “Donors have been saying they have buyers’ remorse. There is a feeling that we have lost this extraordinary politician.”

According to the Telegraph, nominations for leader must be submitted to Sir Graham Brady, the 1922 chairman, by 6pm on Tuesday, July 12. All candidates must receive the backing of 20 MPs – that is 18 MPs, a proposer and a seconder – to enter the race.

Then voting is due to start on Wednesday, July 13, after Prime Minister’s Questions and run from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, with a result announced that early evening.

All 200,000 Conservative party members will then be asked to vote for their choice to be leader by post by late August.

The winner will be announced on Monday, Sept 5.


  1. Boris should be added to final vote of the two candidates making it 3 the voters put him in there they should decide if he stays or goes. He must be doing so much right looking at how hard the opposition and lefties are working to get rid of him quickly before he does more good

  2. We need Boris to stay we are the member we say who leads not traitorous mp’s,they are totally out of touch.

  3. After the way our great PM was treated, if he leaves , mine and my family will never ever vote conservatives again EVER, if Labour gets in on next GE it will be Conservative traitors to blame , no one can fill Boris’s shoes , he was OUR democratic vote and we loved him, he got the big things right , as is the vote to leave EU

    • He should automatically be on the list and furthermore,all the conspirators should be banned from applying.

  4. If the snap poll was to include most of all conservative members you would find it to very high for keeping Boris Johnson, there is two petitions on org.U.K. one has reached 12,000 so far after three days to reinstate our prime minister.
    There is a lot of angry people members or non members who really did not want the removal of Boris Johnson, only media and remainers .

    • Boris should never have been made to step down. He is the most popular & charismatic PM we have ever had. If Sunak ever gets near to being PM, I can see real issues amongst Tory Members and the Public. As usual, those traitorous, arrogant Tory MP’s are so out of touch with their Voters, they don’t have a clue what they have done. THE DAY THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY LOST THE 2024 GENERAL ELECTION WAS 07/07/2022.

  5. Simply proves to me that Britain is broken. No great surprise. Corruption has spread from the very top to the entire Tory ‘support’. What a tragedy.
    That vote tells us many things………we condone lies to the populace, we no longer expect our leaders to obey their own rules. We condone the PM using his power and influence to satisfy his casual fornications.
    We are now a gutless population devoid of morals or Judeo/Christian principles.
    God help us!

  6. 14 million voters put boris in power not the 60 back stabbers
    Boris should be put forward and see what happens

  7. If the corrupt,and the perverts can control who is The Prime Minister,we are doomed as a nation. BORIS GOT THE BIG ISSUES DEALT WITH. AND SHOWS COMPASSION.he is only human and has faults,as we all do.But he deserved better treatment from the people he promoted,and certainly is the best choice compared to some of the two faced treacherous rivals,the alternatives will leave us in a much worse mess.

    • I agree entirely. Also, Boris has done so much for Ukraine and has befriended the Ukrainian PM in his hour of need.

      None of the MPs ousting Boris seem to be at all concerned with the situation in Ukraine even though Putin is said to be delighted with the ousting of Boris.

      Are these Tory MPs oblivious to the dire situation in Ukraine? Shame on them.

  8. I think Boris has done a good job, considering Covid and all the trouble it caused
    he did not have a chance, He should remain as Prime Minister, let him finish the
    good work he started.

  9. I voted for Boris he should stay .what I will say is who ever becomes pm they will have the same treatment by the blob .so if I was parliament.,I would get every MP who are in parliament to be screened on there background.if been in trouble by the police need to be banned from the no pm are responsible for the MPs actions they need to take there own responsibility in wrong doings .that includes all MPs from different sides too much scandle and disbelief coming from parliament.needs to be stopped,it’s like watching a circus.the reason our pm as been brought down is not from his own actions but by the discusting behaviour from his MPs .

  10. Boris has been the best Prime Minister we have ever had. A man with vision who made all of the right decisions, at the right time. A true world statesman!!

    • Yes, and hopefully will continue to be PM and go on to better things in the future.

      We need Boris during this tricky situation with Russia. I cannot think of another MP in any party who could deal with it as well as Boris. He is the man of the decade and the Tory MPs are casting him aside through utter jealously and annoyance that he got Brexit done. Unforgivable.

  11. We need a NEW Leader!
    Unfortunately, no one who has put their names forward is capable of doing the job as good as Boris!
    Therefore, Boris is undoubtedly the one to choose!

  12. I voted for Boris. He was doing a fantastic job despite many challenges. I blame the toxic media and traitorous mp’s for his downfall. The BBC should be defunded but all news channels are as bad. They think they rule. The Conservative party will rue the day they forced the best Prime Minister to resign. If he isn’t reinstated they will suffer at the next GE. Boris is the peoples choice. He should have been able to fulfil his promises and not hounded out of office.

  13. I have no confidence in the 5 candidates that are up for Prime Minister. Boris’s name should be on the ballot with the last 2 contenders. If it’s not I’m never voting Conservative again. If Labour get in at the next general election, it will be on the heads of all the backstabbing MPs and the 1922 committee!

  14. This whole charade is outrageous and makes nonsense out of the election of leader process. What happens if a group of rebels in the Westminster bubble decide they don’t like the next leader? or the one after that? Maybe Boris should start a new Party called Britannia. Invite Nigel Farage to join too.


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