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Stephen Bailey: Conservatives are getting on with the job while Labour are just trying to bring down the Government


By Stephen Bailey.

The real purpose of politics is to make life better for as many people as possible.

But this has been almost paralysed recently by a campaign from the Labour Party to fabricate a scandal over Boris Johnson supposedly breaking the law by attending a party during the COVID-19 lockdown.

There has been a concerted, co-ordinated effort from Keir Starmer and Labour to whip up a frenzy of faux outrage over these alleged offences.

Expert opinion differs on whether or not these charges are justified. The police have issued some with fixed penalty notices and let others off with no action after they have been photographed doing exactly the same thing notably Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner and other Labour officials in Durham.

Plus other officials in the devolved legislatures, such as Nicola Sturgeon, the S.N.P. leader, were also photographed breaking the rules – eating pizza, drinking alcohol and not wearing a mask when it was illegal to do so.

One commentator declared that ‘Partygate’ (the ludicrously hyperbolic name the media has dubbed this whole business, which attempts to draw a completely inappropriate comparison between this and the Watergate affair in America of the early 70s) was:

‘…the worst constitutional crisis the U.K. has ever seen’, a statement so obviously ludicrous to anybody with even elementary knowledge of history that little more needs to be said about it.

Others learned experts disagree with this assessment and assert that Boris Johnson didn’t break the law.

Lord Daniel Hannan, an Oxford University educated barrister, has reviewed the facts and concluded that Boris Johnson simply hasn’t broken the law or behaved inappropriately.

Mr Hannan points out that the Prime Minister was merely presented with a birthday cake between business meetings, there wasn’t an actual party. What’s more, there was no attempt at hiding this event, as Number 10 immediately released a briefing on this incident to the press, and it was reported in The Times the next day. Clearly, not the actions of someone who has done anything knowingly underhand.

Importantly, Labour clearly didn’t think that the Government had done anything wrong either as they failed to criticise them at that time, even when the facts were known from the Times report. So, why, two years later, are they trying to make out that this business is so serious that Boris Johnson should resign?

Perhaps because they are cynically using it as a political ploy to destabilise the Government.

Added to this, all through the lockdown, others were uploading videos of similar events held at workplaces to social media and this was not condemned as wrong.

The COVID-19 law placing restrictions on meeting others outside your ‘bubble’ of close associates were intended to limit the spread of the virus, not lay down the behaviour of those who are under the same roof.

Right until just before Boris Johnson’s birthday, hospital visits and social calls were largely banned under law and this applied as much to the Prime Minister as anybody else. Nobody is suggesting he flouted them. However, the valid comparison here pertains to what others did whilst they were at work. There appears to be one rule for Boris Johnson and one for the rest of society, just in precisely the opposite way from what is usually meant by this. It is literally unconscionable that the police would issue penalties to members of society who shared birthday cakes, let alone that they would open an investigation two years later.

No sensible, practical person could seriously object to staff at Downing Street engaging in the kind of activities that every other member of society engages in whilst at work – working together in groups, taking lunch in groups, or taking a break at the same time as each other.

These are extremely common practices throughout U.K. society. Why, therefore, should the Government, which is, after all, in reality just another workplace, be any different?

Common sense tells us it shouldn’t. Just because a short break was taken between work meetings in which a birthday cake was presented or alcohol consumed, suddenly a scandal requiring the Prime Minister’s resignation is engendered?

Labour is just trying to create a problem where none really exists.

Kier Starmer knows all these points of law, as he is a lawyer (he used to be Head of the Crown Prosecution Service) and must therefore know the difference between social gatherings and groups of people engaged in work together. He does. He’s deliberately picked to ignore these inconvenient facts and has chosen to manipulate the real situation in order to make political capital and manufacture a fake crisis in an attempt to bring down the Conservatives.

All these efforts to bring down the Government by Labour are, in reality, nothing but a to cover up for their lack of substantive policies that they can offer the electorate by synthesising a crisis over a cake.

The Conservatives, on the other hand have been getting on with delivering policies to make the U.K. better for everybody.

For example, the following 19 bills implementing government policy on various areas of interest and concern have recently gone through Parliament:

  1. The Policing Act.
  2. The Animal Welfare Act.
  3. The British Sign Language Act.
  4. The Marriage Act.
  5. The Building Safety Act.
  6. The Down syndrome Act.
  7. The Professional Qualification Act.
  8. The Glue Traps Act.
  9. The Subsidy Control Act.
  10. The Elections Act.
  11. The Local Government Act.
  12. The Skills Act.
  13. The Heath And Care Act.
  14. The Nationality And Borders Act.
  15. The Judicial Review And Courts Act.
  16. The Approved Premises Act.
  17. The Taxis And Private Hire Vehicles Act.
  18. The Pension Schemes Act.
  19. The Motor Vehicles Act.

Labour have shot themselves in the foot by employing such tactics in order to attempt to dislodge Boris Johnson and the Government, especially after the recent revelations that he and other Labour officials did exactly the same thing.

What’s worse for Labour, this whole affair highlights the severe paucity of policy that party has for governing the U.K.

They have very little to offer the country in terms of positive policies and need to fake crises in order to make any impact and get anywhere. Very revealing.

For more from Stephen Bailey please visit: https://ukunionism.wordpress.com/blog-2/

© 2022 Stephen Bailey



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