By Stephen Bailey.

The UK is now supposedly a free, sovereign nation state.

If you accept the definition of a sovereign nation state as being one where said nation exercises 100% control over all aspects of its own affairs at all times and under all circumstances, then the UK still can’t be considered as such and the form of Brexit that has taken place must be considered as incomplete.

The fact remains that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) still has judicial sovereignty over the UK’s courts in matters concerning UK involvement in EU run programmes (like Horizon).

There is a distinct possibility that both the EU and their collaborators in the UK, the Rejoiners will use this toehold on the UK’s sovereignty to expand their control over us by various Machiavellian methods.

All those that want to retain our status as a free, sovereign nation need to strain every sinew in countering this Rejoiner effort, or they will succeed.

Added to the above, the ECJ still has full sovereignty over Northern Ireland, something that has the added danger of splitting her from the rest of the Union. She is now effectively in an economic union with the Republic.

This is 100% unacceptable as opinion polls continue to show the majority in NI want to remain part of the UK and the Northern Ireland Protocol is one of the initial elements of a deeply sinister and anti-democratic covert plan to force NI into re-unification with the Republic against the will of the majority of the public.

This does only apply to NI, but things change (especially with the well-known EU tendency to covertly plot the advancement of its aims, mostly against the interests of its vassal states) and it can be reasonably envisaged that they will start using this as a wedge to extend their influence over more, perhaps all, of the UK.

There is no doubt that the Protocol is in direct contravention of Article Six of the UK Act of Union with Ireland of 1800.

The Article states:

  • The subjects of Great Britain and Ireland shall be on the same footing respecting trade and navigation, and in all treaties with foreign powers the subjects of Ireland shall have the same privileges as a British subject.
  • From January 1, 1801, all prohibitions and bounties on the export of articles the produce or manufacture of either country to the other shall cease.
  • All articles the produce or manufacture of either country, not herein-after enumerated as subject to specific duties, shall be imported into each country from the other, duty free, apart from the countervailing duties in the Schedule No. 1. or to such as shall hereafter be imposed by the united Parliament;
  • Articles of the produce or manufacture of either country, subject to internal duty, or to duty on the materials, may be subjected on importation into each country to countervailing duties, and upon their export a drawback of the duty shall be allowed.
  • Articles the produce or manufacture of either country, when exported through the other, shall be subject to the same charges as if exported directly from the country of which they were the produce or manufacture.’

The Protocol has manifestly interfered with the right of NI, as a member of the UK Union, to free and unfettered access to goods and services from the rest of the UK.

What’s more, there appears to be little prospect of this issue being satisfactorily resolved at all, as most solutions are just shoddily
put together compromises that don’t really cure the problems and which remain invidious to the sovereignty of the UK as they leave NI both detached from the other parts of the UK and still under the jurisdiction of the EU’s courts.

The danger still exists that bitter Rejoiners in government (including many at cabinet and ministerial level), the Civil Service and the public et al., the Europhile rear guard as it were, who are still working feverishly and with great cunning (make no mistake about that) in the background (mostly anyway) to engineer the UK’s re-entry back into the EU will succeed if not stopped.

They will do this by minimising our diversion from EU standards and controls, to facilitate the UK’s re-entry back into the bloc at a later date. Those that want to retain the UK’s sovereign status still have the urgent tasks before them of firstly securing the further development of the freedoms we have secured from the EU against the Rejoiner rear guard, who will be attempting to stymie any further moves the UK makes away from the EU’s dominance.

The danger still exists that bitter Rejoiners in government, the Civil Service and the Europhile rear guard are still working feverishly and with great cunning in the background to engineer the UK’s re-entry back into the EU.

Secondly, full sovereignty still has to be secured from the EU. Of course, the UK must accept and operate under the rules decided by the EU if we participate in schemes run by them. However, the aspect that the ECJ still has any jurisdiction over the UK in any respect is still unacceptable, as the fact remains that it can still unilaterally impose its binding edicts on us, and we are helpless to oppose them. Some may argue that it is acceptable for the ECJ to rule on EU run programmes, as they would have to accept the judgement of UK courts if they participate in our programmes. They wouldn’t though and have proved time and time again in the past that they don’t respect others’ jurisdiction but insist that everybody bows to theirs.

Then there’s Northern Ireland. The ECJ’s continuing total control over this part of the UK is a major scandal, a completely unacceptable betrayal of the Union. It still has to be fought with all our might and overturned. There must be no borders or barriers of any kind between NI and the rest of the UK. We must struggle to prevent any re-unification with the Republic and safeguard the Union.

The UK must be a whole with all its members, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England, equal partners in a nation called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Complacency is not an option. We mustn’t rest on our laurels. All that will do is aid the Rejoiners’ efforts to force the UK back into the EU.

All those that want to retain our status as a free, sovereign nation need to strain every sinew in countering this Rejoiner effort, or they will succeed.

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