Stephen Bailey: The Blairite Monarchy

Press released photo of Prince Harry and wife Meghan.

By Stephen Bailey.

The roots of the current Monarchy’s public image go back to the First World War and interwar years (1918-39) when the then Royals had to distance themselves from their German roots (their family name was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) as it caused palpable disquiet amongst the public because the UK was at war with Germany.

They therefore changed their name to Windsor.

After 1918, the Monarchy transformed itself from a distant aristocratic institution that was only seen by the public on a very few special occasions and of which the public knew very little about indeed to a much more open (by the standards of those times), much more public friendly (for those times) institution.

The Monarchy avoided scandal (more or less) and provided a model of stable, decent middle class family values that engendered deserved admiration and respect.

This model has served the current Monarchy well.

Up until the recent past, at least. Several younger Royals have abandoned this successful model of respect worthy Monarchy and followed a selfish path of self-gratification that has destroyed the image of the Monarchy as an institution worthy of great respect and mired it in a succession of scandals and incidents that highlight their lack of good character, judgement and probity and which has severely impacted the respect the public have for them or the institution of the Monarchy itself.

The result has been to severely negatively impact the image of the Monarchy. Some current members are spoilt and self indulgent. They have little concept of duty and place their own interests above that of their Royal and constitutional duties on an increasing scale.

It has become evident to observers of trends in the modern Monarchy that the younger Royals have fully embraced the New Labour cultural-Marxist agenda and have abandoned traditional values. They are fiercely and determinedly pursuing a policy of transforming the Monarchy into a politically correct institution, a Blairite Monarchy.

Nobody embodies this more than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Ominous reports abound of her falling out with William and Kate, forcing her P.R. assistant to quit due to her unreasonable demands, upsetting a member of the Duchess of Cambridge’s staff and displaying very aggressive behaviour to other courtiers that has greatly upset them.

She’s also apparently upset the Queen by demanding that air fresheners were placed in St. George’s Chapel for her wedding. She has displayed a tendency to be very politically correct and to want to crusade on politically correct matters.

This reached its zenith with Meghan and Harry’s spate of interviews since leaving front line Royal duties in which the pair have vitriolically and extremely toxically attacked the Royal Family and the Queen, something that has reportedly left her ‘terrified’.

All of this has and will continue to have a seriously deleterious effect on the Monarchy’s strictly impartial position on politics and the requirement for the Monarch to keep their personal political opinions strictly to themselves in public and act as a totally impartial head of state.

The loyalty of older, more traditional, monarchists is just being taken for granted or simply ignored.

Complacency and inaction will just aid this process of the politicisation of the Monarchy. Speak out against it and, perhaps it can be halted, or even reversed.

The U.K. Monarchy’s constitutional role is to act as a politically impartial head of state in public. It’s this function that has given the U.K. its long, enviable political stability over the years whilst continental Europe (and many other parts of the world) abandoned this device and suffered from recurring bouts of instability and tumult (look at the European Revolutions of 1848 or at France, for example, with its revolutions, political violence, extremism and homicidal dictators – Napoleon and Petain to offer two examples).

The younger generation of Royals are ignoring this convention and getting involved in politics. Even Prince William has engaged in politically correct posturing when he clearly stated a while back that the people of the U.K. ‘…stand with Palestine’.

Such political intervention risks the future of the Monarchy by making it unpopular with sections of the community who may feel that it’s taking sides against them.

The Monarchy must be completely politically impartial in public. It must stop interfering in politics. The young Royals are destroying the institution they belong to.

This trend of the politicisation of the Monarchy is also a general trend within The Firm. Even the Queen has, since the Blair years, engaged upon a course of increasingly appeasing the U.K.’s  vociferous left-liberal lobby by adopting their outlook. This became apparent a few years back when, during a broadcast to the nation, she stated that ‘Diversity can be a source of strength’.

This trend is vastly greater amongst the younger Royals, all of which regularly break the impartiality rule to back politically correct causes. By far the worse is Harry and Meghan. Harry himself is quite politically correct.

However, Meghan is off the scale when it comes to political correctness and getting involved in politics.

She has been very vocally left-wing in the past, supporting a number of left-liberal causes. This augurs extremely badly for the future as it seems unlikely that she will be able to contain her zeal for such matters and indeed, both she and Harry have greatly increased their involvement with politically correct causes since leaving their royal duties.

All the above also bodes poorly for the future of the Monarchy, the younger members of which are trying to transform into a politically correct institution in order to ensure its future with the expanding left-liberal segment of the U.K. population.

The generations of Royals below the Queen have become too influenced by modern left-liberal ideas and that has serious implications for the Monarchy’s future as they will use their position of Influence to help spread such ideas. Harry and Meghan are especially bad in this respect. 

The institution of the Monarchy should be very strongly supported as it plays a vital constitutional role as an impartial head of state (the alternative is an elected President as head of state which could lead to somebody like Tony Blair in that position, an extremely alarming prospect).

It generates vast sums of income for the U.K. in tourist revenue and it also adds greatly to U.K. national life with its rich tapestry of history, tradition and pomp and circumstance.

It must always perform a delicate balancing act between engaging with and engendering the respect and loyalty of the public and maintaining its time honoured role as an impartial head of state as well as all that’s best about the U.K.’s traditions.

Simply giving in to current trends, like political correctness, has clearly been shown by recent events to be severely antithetical to this.

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