Stephen Bailey: The SNP has NO divine right to force their agenda on Scotland


 By Stephen Bailey.

The S.N.P. think they are living in the Middle Ages, in a time when the autocratic aristocratic elite ruled by the divine right of kings.

They think they have been appointed by God and that they are born to rule over Scotland, irrespective of how competent they are to perform this function and for anybody to even suggest otherwise is some kind of outrage against God, a heresy that they are permitted to crush with the zeal of God’s righteous indignation. 

They give lip service to modern ideas and pretend to be ‘progressive’ and ‘democratic’, but the fact is they only won around a third of the votes of the total Scottish electorate at the last Holyrood election.

They were mostly voted for by the small percentage of cultish, programmed S.N.P. activists who would do so whatever the circumstances as they want independence at any cost (‘independence transcends everything’ as Sturgeon put it) and so have no mandate for independence at all.

The broad panoply of current Scottish opinion evolves the following picture. The S.N.P. were the largest party at the last Holyrood election and so can form a devolved administration. However,  that’s the extent of their mandate from the public. They only received around a third of the overall vote at the last Holyrood election. The last seven opinion polls on independence have shown a majority for Scotland staying in the Union.

What’s more, under U.K. Constitutional Law, it’s impossible for any party to receive a mandate for independence from a  devolved election.

The bottom line remains that the S.N.P. have no mandate from either the electorate or under Constitutional Law for independence.

They are a minority government imposing their will on the majority. Added to this, irrespective of their reason for existing being to separate Scotland from England or whether independence is in their manifesto, they are a devolved administration, not the national government of an independent sovereign state and as such shouldn’t get involved in reserved matters such as the Constitution (i.e. independence).

They covertly run both S.N.P. and Scottish affairs with a medieval clannish autocratic and domineering hand, like a king and the aristocracy would have centuries ago, guided by a mostly distorted, highly romanticised view of Scotland’s past that has been altered to suit their agenda.

They have a strangely Medieval and elitist mindset. They are stuck in a bygone era, still trying to refight the battles of that past, pathologically attempting to correct history, which they erroneously believe has gone in the wrong direction and done them a disservice.

The trouble with their approach is that it’s based on a deeply flawed misunderstanding of history which has been skewed by ideology, by prejudice against England and many very substantial weaknesses in their case for independence.

They make mistake after mistake, time and time again their top spokespeople are shown to demonstrably have no idea of what they are talking about, are as autocratic and repressive as King John of England (ironically) and have spent the last 14 years ignoring their role at Holyrood of running Scotland’s day to day affairs instead pursuing independence as the living and working conditions of ordinary Scottish citizens get progressively worse.

Meanwhile, all the S.N.P. do is ignore the situation and monomaniacally push on with their independence obsession, insulated from reality in their minds only by what they believe to be their divine right to rule.

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