By Stephen Bailey.

It’s quite clear to any reasonable person that genuine free speech doesn’t exist for most of us in the UK.

But for the new liberals, the cultural-Marxists, liberty simply means licence for them to speak and act in whatever way they want. This is of course without hindrance of any kind from anybody else, acting as self-appointed censors monitoring and noting down every little detail for later reference their opponents words and actions. Whilst at the same time running around in an obsessive manner preventing, stifling and in many cases, aggressively shutting down genuine debate with a titanium clad ring around any topic they want to prevent discussion on.

They use various means to do this, including verbal and / or physical intimidation, oppressive censorship measures and laws such as those enacted in the wake of the Macpherson Report to unfairly shut down their opponents valid arguments and even simply prevent them from saying anything at all. This is not free speech and needs to be addressed urgently.

Speech is either free or it isn’t, there can’t be any legitimate qualification to its definition.

If you can debate some topics freely and with vigour, but not others, or only debate them weakly or to a certain proscribed degree, then that’s not free speech but curated controlled or directed speech. The U.K. Constitution needs to have a mechanism introduced that guarantees free speech for all her citizens, not just left-liberals.

This state of affairs is very apparent in the condition of the current U.K.’s Police Forces, as clearly shown by the incident in which a Police officer was caught on camera shouting pro-Palestinian messages at a rally in London a while ago, just one amongst many other examples.

Most U.K. citizens’ attitudes towards the Police are largely conditioned by their experiences of them during their childhood and adolescence and when they were younger, which, of course, took place some time ago now. Many people base their attitudes on how things were many years or even decades ago. It’s natural to do this, but it has become increasingly apparent that the nature, practice and ethos of policing has changed dramatically and systematically in recent times and that subsequently it’s now no longer wise to maintain the same attitudes towards them. Nobody who’s had any experience of the current Police Force can possibly believe that they operate as they did in past years.

All modern U.K. Police Forces have been thoroughly re-structured and modern policing now follows an ethos that is based on left-liberal concepts which employ ultra-politically correct principles.

The reality on the ground of this shift is that the Police have become little more than the draconian paramilitary enforcers of the cultural-Marxist project and extremely antagonistic to anybody that is perceived to be against this left-liberal agenda.

They see it as their job to run around making certain target groups happy and secure whilst largely ignoring normal Police activities like preventing or investigating crime, which is, after all, their main function in society.

This shift in Police practice needs to be acknowledged and we need to stop still treating them as if they are operating as they did in the past, as their politicisation is consequently not effectively opposed and we have consequently witnessed the virtually complete triumph of metropolitan liberalism in the U.K. Police Forces today.

The only way to defeat this politicisation of the Police is to stop living in 30 years ago under very different circumstances and recognise the reality of the modern cultural-Marxist Police modus operandi.

Like all bullies, if you stand up for yourself, they (eventually) back down.

It is unwise to keep showing them misplaced good will when they don’t reciprocate. Then, there is a chance that the Police will drop their P.C. agenda and effective policing which concentrates on preventing and solving crime can be restored.

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