Stephen Bailey: We need a new backstop against the politically correct stranglehold in North America


By Stephen Bailey.

It was the argument of those opposed to the left-wing agenda that the Presidency of Donald Trump (2016-20) acted as a backstop to the left-wing administrations in power in other parts of North America, especially that of Justin Trudeau in Canada.

However, Donald Trump’s policies are viewed, it is valid to assert that his policies acted as a counter balance to the extremely politically correct nature of the regimes in power in North America at the time (and still in power today).  

Since coming to power in December 2015, Justin Trudeau has always stood on an extremely politically correct, left-wing policy platform.

The Conservative Party of Canada was in severe disarray and Trudeau came to government in the Canadian Parliament.

In the U.S., Barack Obama had been in power since 2009 and had been pursuing a raft of left-wing policies. Across the board, there was a cultural-Marxist hegemony with the left firmly in control on the North American continent.

The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. Presidency in November 2016 offered a glimmer of hope that some kind of check could be placed on the advance of the left.

A popular conservative, Trump appeared to unite and galvanise many diverse sections of American society together against the assault of political correctness.

Leaving the debate on the effectiveness of his policies whilst still in office to one side, it can be observed that he placed an effective check, or stop, on the advance of the politically correct agenda in the U.S.

Under Obama in the U.S. and Trudeau in Canada, political correctness had made a steady advance and was firmly in control.

Conservative ideas appeared to be either in stalemate or going backwards. President Trump’s administration appeared to revivify the conservative cause and provide much needed hope for the future.

This situation came to a juddering halt in 2020 with Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s highly controversial win over Trump in the U.S. election.

Amongst many accusations of incongruities in the election process, many Americans still believe Biden pulled off an ‘anti-democratic’ coup and became President.

This put a substantial spoke in the conservative renewal that had taken place under Trump. Biden is substantially more to the left of Trump and his political agenda reflects this. The very first action he took after he was confirmed as President was to sign decrees reversing many of Trump’s policies. Right from the word ‘go’, it was clear that his term as President was going to be marked by a return to the hegemony of politically correct ideas. 

Everything Biden has done has confirmed suspicions in the minds of conservatives that a Democrat Presidency simply means a return to the supremacy of the left-wing. Once again across the North American continent there is a left-wing bloc in charge.

It is very unhealthy indeed for one side of a society to monopolise political debate.

Biden claims he wants to be ‘everyone’s President’, but the evidence points to this not being the case.

In the interests of a healthy political balance, North America needs a new counter balance to the politically correct bloc that dominates the region at present.

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