Strong support in England for 21 June easing delay

Boris Johnson is set to delay England's final lockdown easing with 6pm announcement at press conference amid concerns over the Delta variant first identified in India. Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street
  • 71% of English adults say they back a proposed delay to 21st June lockdown end, including 41% who strongly support the delay; 24% say they would oppose this decision.
  • Support across all major party voters, Leavers and Remainers, regions and ages – biggest opposition comes from English 18-24 year olds, where 34% oppose; but still 54% support a four week delay.
  • Public also say current 30 guest limit at weddings is fair – 56% say it is fair vs 29% who say it is unfair.

Later today Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to announce at a press conference whether England will continue as planned to relax all restrictions on 21st June or if there will be a delay.

It is expected he will announce that most coronavirus rules will remain in place in England for another four weeks which could mean continued capacity limits for things like sports, pubs and cinemas, with venues like nightclubs remaining closed. There will also likely be an announcement on whether the capacity limit on weddings will be lifted totally, relaxed partially or kept in place fully.

Today YouGov asked adults living in England if they supported or opposed a proposed four week delay to ‘freedom day’. 3107 English adults were questioned on 14th June 2021.


71% of English adults said they supported a delay, with 24% opposing one. Support was mirrored across both Conservative and Labour voters, and across all age breakdowns, although support was narrowest amongst 18-24 year olds.


An announcement on weddings too, a contentious issue with just 30 guests currently allowed, is due to be announced at the press conference later. English adults were asked whether they thought the current limits on weddings in England to 30 guests was fair or unfair – 56% said they thought it was fair with 29% saying they thought it was unfair.


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