Sturgeon says time is right to resign as Scotland’s first minister

The SNP leader used a press conference at Bute House this morning to say she would stand down once her party had found a successor. Photo credit: Screengrab from GB News.

Scottish National party leader announces decision to resign at press conference in Edinburgh.

Nicola Sturgeon has formally announced her resignation as Scottish First Minister after eight years in the job. 

Ms Sturgeon stated she feels that now is the right time for her to stand down as she no longer can give the job of First Minister the full attention she feels it deserves.

She also said that the constraints of being First Minster had put too much pressure on her personal life and also mentioned other factors, both political and personal, that influenced her decision to step down.

The Scottish National Party leader said that she knew “in my head and in my heart” that this was the right time to step down.

Ms Sturgeon made announcement at a news conference in Edinburgh this morning saying: “Since the very first moment in the job, I have believed that part of serving well would be to know, almost instinctively, when the time is right to make way for someone else.

“And when that time came, to have the courage to do so, even if to many across the country, and in my party, might feel it too soon.

“In my head and in my heart I know that time is now. That it is right for me, for my party and for the country.

“And so today I am announcing my intention to step down as first minister and leader of my party.”

The first minister said she she would remain in office until her successor was elected.

Ms Sturgeon is the longest-serving first minister and the first woman to hold the position.

By Stephen Bailey.


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