After the Conservative Post revealed the barrister advising Sue Gray had written anti-Tory posts online, there has been growing anger from readers calling for the ‘partygate’ report to be null and void.

Daniel Stilitz QC was handed the high-profile role of advising senior civil servant Sue Gray on her much-anticipated report into the alleged ‘parties’ at Downing Street during lockdown despite his strong views against the Prime Minister, Brexit and the Conservative Party.

Many of Boris Johnson’s supporters now think Mr Stilitz’s role advising Sue Gray is ‘totally inappropriate’ and are calling for the report to be negated.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said:

“Stilitz was clearly a totally inappropriate appointment and it risks what should have been the ‘independent and impartial’ Sue Gray report being considered tainted before its release to the public.”

Barrister Daniel Stilitz has now deleted his Twitter account after his past posts expose him accusing the Conservative Party of ‘serving up bile’ and referring to Brexit as a “mad Tory fight to the death.”

Political journalist Michael Crick tweeted:

‘Very foolish of Sue Gray if true, especially when her son is a leading Labour activist.’

Sue Gray’s son Liam Conlon (left) is Chairman of the Labour Party Irish Society. Here he is with his mother Sue Gray and the late Labour politician and life peer Tessa Jowell. Photo credit: Screengrab / Twitter

In one tweet, as the Prime Minister negotiated Brexit, Barrister Stilitz wrote:

“A salutary warning for Labour MPs considering backing the deal: if you trust Johnson, you’re a mug.”

In other past tweets, the barrister referred to “Johnson’s fake news machine” and the QC even retweeted a comment calling Boris Johnson “our reckless dangerous PM.” He also said “the Government’s current rhetoric is nothing compared to to the bile they’ll serve up during the forthcoming election campaign.”

In another post, from 2016, the barrister encouraged his followers to join Labour writing: “Why not join Labour? Now seems as good a time as any.”

However, in 2019 Mr Stilitz resigned from the Labour party when he considered it too “pro-Brexit” only to rejoin the party again later that year.

A member of the Cabinet Office said a barrister’s views should have no bearing on professional advice being providing independently. The source said:

“As with all members of the Bar, [Daniel Stilitz’s] personal views are his own and have no bearing on the professional advice that he provides as an independently regulated barrister. He is bound by the Code of Conduct which sets out that all barristers maintain their independence and act in the best interests of their client.”

However, GB News commentator and broadcaster Leilani Dowding pointed out:

“It’s obvious this Partygate legal advisor hates Boris and Brexit. His tweets even criticise the PM for choices he made in lockdown even when they were lawful. So this barrister has shown either direct bias against the PM or apparent bias against him.

“Surely whatever your view on the Sue Gray report, it cannot now stand as an official report – the entire process is invalid and the Met Police can’t rely upon it either.”

One such example is his tweet in March 2020, where the barrister criticises the Prime Minister for making a legal trip to see his mother, one of the last times he saw her before she died.

It has also emerged Mr Stilitz is a director of the High Pay Centre, a think tank which is reported to have close links to the left-leaning Compass Group.

By Claire Bullivant.

Photo credits: Conservative Post


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