Susan Hall emerges as front-runner in London Mayoral Race


New figures show, Susan Hall with 57 political endorsements, now has more endorsements than the two other candidates combined.

According to her team, Ms Hall has double Daniel Korski’s, and is on track to win the Conservative London Mayoral selection.

The Conservative Post has seen the latest list of endorsement figures from politicians which sees Susan Hall with 57, Daniel Korski with 29 and Moz Hossain with 3.

When limited to London politicians only, the count is Susan Hall with 56, Daniel Korski with 3 and Moz Hossain with 3.

Susan has a comfortable lead ahead of the first hustings of the contest, which will be held this evening at 7pm.

Speaking to the Conservative Post, Ms Hall said:

“I am honoured to have more endorsements than the other candidates. If I am your candidate for Mayor, I will champion London Conservatives, get Sadiq Khan out of office and get London back on track.”

As part of Hall’s pledges, she has promised to halt the ULEZ expansion on day one if she is elected London mayor before turning her attention to “hunting down and locking up” petty criminals.

Only London members have a vote in the contest and Susan’s endorsements are primarily from London Conservatives.

Susan’s team say she is “the only candidate who has won elections, who has worked in elected office, and who has experience battling Sadiq Khan on the London Assembly.”

Yesterday Ms Hall announced she would invest £200 million in the Met Police to sort out crime, funded by savings at City Hall and TfL – including scrapping nominee passes.

She has also made a Delivery Guarantee. She has promised that all of her commitments are:

  • Costed and affordable
  • Within the Mayor’s powers
  • Realistic and achievable

Ms Hall is calling on the other candidates to adopt this pledge, and retract any policies that are based on powers that the Mayor does not have or that are unfunded.


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