The next 5 years will be a nightmare for young people, says Sophie Corcoran


By Sophie Corcoran

As a young person, I am fearing life under a Labour government.

Every time they are elected into power, regardless of whether it is nationally or regionally, Labour has been a failure.

Labour runs London, high taxes, millions wasted on renaming tube stations such as the ‘Lionesses line’, ‘Liberty line’ or ‘Windrush line’, the ULEZ expansion, skyrocketing crime and an enormous reduction of nightlife.

Labour governs Wales, cling-filming supermarket aisles and implementing the most draconian covid rules in Britain. They have the longest NHS wait times in the UK and are ranked far behind the Conservative run England in educational standards. 

Labour run Birmingham – Bankrupt

Labour run Nottingham – Bankrupt

Labour run Croydon – Bankrupt

Labour run Slough – Bankrupt

Notice a pattern?

There is ample evidence to suggest that the next Labour government – potentially one with a frightening majority – will be nothing short of a disaster.

A labour government will no doubt guarantee continued uncontrolled mass immigration meaning that you will have little chance of obtaining a house or getting good well played jobs, overrun failing public Services and sky-high tax taking most of our small pay checks.  

They have green policies that will make us colder and poorer, increased crime rates that threaten our safety and ludicrous gender policies that mean female changing rooms, bathrooms, sport events and services for women will be taken over by men with bad intentions.

The outlook for the young people of Britain is certainly looking bleak. However, there is one ‘positive’ (if you can call it that) that we can take from this and that is, that young people will finally find out that life under Labour isn’t greener.

People my age have been privileged enough to not experience life under a Labour government. Many of us were aged just 7-8 when the Conservatives came back into government, which is why it’s so easy for young people to develop a hatred for the Tories and blame every woe in life they face on them.

This election will finally enable young people to learn what life under Labour really is like and believe me it won’t be pretty and they’re not going to like it.

Young people will regret voting Labour.

Sophie Corcoran is a broadcaster, journalist, political candidate and reality TV personality. 

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  1. “millions wasted on renaming tube stations such as the ‘Lionesses line’, ‘Liberty line’ or ‘Windrush line´’”

    Was your education so bad that you do not understand the difference between the London Underground and the London Overground, and between a railway line (the route a train takes) and a tube station (where an underground train stops)?


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