Thousands give their views on how COVID-19 Pandemic should be remembered in the UK


The UK Commission on Covid Commemoration is now considering all responses and final recommendations will be put to Government in Spring.

Thousands of people have given their views on how they want the COVID-19 pandemic to be remembered across the UK.

Last October, the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration launched a public consultation giving people across the UK the opportunity to say how they think the pandemic should be remembered, with possible suggestions including the adoption of a Remembrance Sunday-style symbol, dedicated memorials and reflective spaces.

During the consultation period, which ran until 5 December last year, almost 5,000 individuals from across the UK gave their views.

The Commission is considering these responses alongside the findings from the various consultation events held with groups and organisations across the UK. The Commission is now turning its focus to agreeing a final report to present to the UK Government in Spring.

The Commission on Covid Commemoration is also looking at issues such as how the pandemic should be taught to future generations and whether a commemorative website should be created to provide details of local memorials and commemorative spaces.

The Chair of the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration, Nicky Morgan, said:

It has been a privilege to see so many people coming forward with suggestions for how they think the COVID-19 pandemic should be commemorated and remembered across the UK. I am grateful to everyone who participated.

The pandemic was one of the most significant moments of our lifetime and will be remembered across the world for years to come, both because of the people we lost and because of the great sacrifices made by so many people to keep our country running.

We have heard a lot of different views expressed in the consultation and it is tremendously important that we take them all into account as we work on our recommendations for the government. It is vital that we get this process right and I am determined to make sure that we do.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Jeremy Quin, said:

The Commission’s work on how the public wants to commemorate the pandemic is vitally important.

I am grateful to all those who have taken the time to express their views and the Government is looking forward to receiving the final report from the Commission.

The UK Commission on Covid Commemoration has been established to secure a broad consensus from across the whole of the United Kingdom on how we commemorate the COVID-19 pandemic and mark this distinctive period in our history at a national and community level. The Commission is expected to report to the Government in Spring 2023.

Find out more about the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration here.


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