Tory MP says Conservatives must become conservative again on tax and immigration


Conservative MP Adam Holloway has lambasted his own government’s record on tax and immigration as “completely insane.”

The MP for Gravesham said to GB News:

“It’s completely insane. I mean, who would have thought that a Conservative government would be drawing millions more people into the high rate tax bracket? Who would think that a Conservative government was presiding over effectively uncontrolled immigration?”

In a discussion with Nigel Farage, he continued: “We have in my constituency, one of the biggest issues at the moment. The biggest of course, is housing. I have a member of my team virtually working full time helping to get people GP appointments, you go to the hospitals, there are huge numbers of people.

“You schedule your immigration to your public services and the needs of your labour market. A group of us are asking to see the Home Secretary next week, because it’s not just about the Tory party’s electoral prospects that are shattered by this, but it’s actually about the shape and the feel of our country going forward. It’s about public services.

“And every single MP, not just conservative, should be looking at this and should say, ‘what’s the point of being in office if you don’t do the right thing when you actually have the power?’”

Speaking live from Odesa in Ukraine, he said he had just met a Briton who was fighting against Russian troops on the front line.

Mr Holloway said: “I’ve literally in the last half an hour come from a hospital up to 25 minutes walk that way, the military hospital and I was talking to a loyal subject of His Majesty who’s one of the British foreign fighters and he’s in there wounded – he was hit.

“Hit by shrapnel from a bomblet dropped from a drone, a very nasty injury and his torso, lots of bits of metal in there. And it’s just unbelievable…

“The point that he and the Ukrainians made is that this is why it’s so important to have this long range artillery because obviously if a Storm Shadow or HIMARS can hit a depot with 10,000 Russian artillery shells, that’s 10,000 military shells that aren’t being fired on people like him. 

“This is why the long range stuff is so important, because it means you can hit Russian supplies, its supply chain, the baggage train, if you like, before it actually gets onto the battlefield.

“That then gives space for things like the new tanks to roll forward and take ground or hopefully punch through and isolate the Crimea and separate the Russian body of troops and their supply lines.”


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