TRA to defend UK against unfair international trade practices


The Trade Remedies Authority, a new independent body with powers to help defend UK economic interests from unfair international trading practices, has launched today. The TRA will investigate complaints from UK industries about unfair trading practices and unforeseen surges in imports.

The Trade Remedies Authority has been set up as a consequence of the UK leaving the EU. It provides an independent body which can investigate claims of unfair import practices impartially, as required by World Trade Organization rules. 

The TRA will operate as an arms-length body of the Department for International Trade to investigate possible cases of dumping and subsidised imports through robust and objective analysis of evidence. Where appropriate, it will recommend the imposition of new trade remedy measures, such as tariffs, to stop injury to UK producers harmed by the unfair trading practices.

The new body’s investigators will be reviewing 43 existing EU trade remedy measures relevant to UK industry which were transitioned when the UK left the EU Customs Union Eleven of these transition reviews are currently live, covering products from a range of sectors, including steel, fisheries and biodiesel.

Since 1 January this year, UK producers have also been able to apply for investigations into the need for new trade remedy measures. All applications can be made through the TRA’s online case management platform, the Trade Remedies Service. The TRA is the first organisation of its kind in the world to offer an end-to-end digital service for trade remedies cases.

Chief Executive of the Trade Remedies Authority Oliver Griffiths said:

The launch of the TRA today is an important moment for UK trade policy. The TRA will be dedicated to defending British economic interests against unfair international trade practices, providing independent, data-driven recommendations to the Government.

International Trade Minister, Ranil Jayawardena said:

Britain’s newly independent trade remedies system will help protect important British industries such as steel manufacturers and ceramics producers from harmful global trading practices.

The TRA will help create a level playing field for British businesses so they can compete with overseas producers, protecting them from unfair trading practices and unforeseen surges in imports.

The UK’s trade remedies system has been designed based on four principles: proportionality, transparency, impartiality and efficiency.

Oliver Griffiths joined TRID as Chief Executive Designate in January 2021. With the creation of the TRA, he joins the Chair, Simon Walker, three non-executive directors and two executive directors, to collectively form the TRA Board. The non-executive directors – Adam Marshall, John Hughes and Patricia Gallan – bring a wealth of experience across an array of fields and were appointed in accordance with the Governance Code on Public Appointments. The two executive directors on the Board are Clare Brodie and Steve O’Donoghue.


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