Britain is back as an independent trading nation, that’s the message from Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for International Trade.

Having now left the EU’s customs union and single market, she says Britain has taken back control of it’s trade to deliver jobs and prosperity across the UK.

Already seizing vast opportunities across the world with trade deals worth £885bn with 63 countries and an agreed deal with the EU, no other nation in history has successfully handled as many negotiations as Britain and in such record time.

Some of the trade deals temporarily confirm existing arrangements Britain already has in place, with a promise to be more comprehensive when time allows. Others, such as that with Japan, go further than the EU did and some, notably the deals being negotiated with Australia and New Zealand, are completely new, in the sense that Brussels has no deals with those countries.

Having now secured Britain’s independence; the Government is keen to point out “every single one of these deals has been struck to suit Britain’s interests – specifically tailored to create jobs and propel economic growth at home.”

What’s more Liz Truss, the chief negotiator behind many of the deals says: “we are only just getting started.”

In an email sent to party members today (Friday) she said:

“In 2021 we are taking our trade agenda to the next level as we push towards gold standard agreements with the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

“And look to join The Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership which covers 11 dynamic trading nations, including some of the fastest growing economies of the future. Our membership will drive job growth and help Britain lead the world in industries of tomorrow.

“Having left the EU our ambitious trade strategy is at the heart of our vision for Global Britain and in 2021 we are more than ready to seize our potential on the world stage.

“Striking trade deals that deliver jobs and prosperity at home and flying the flag for free trade, enterprise and innovation around the world.”

To find out more about the trade deals in place click here.

Liz Truss: “I can guarantee you that we are only just getting started.”


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