Transport Secretary says it is “inexplicable” that new pay offer is not being put to railway workers 

Transport Secretary Mark Harper. Photo credit: UK Gov. CC BY 4.0 Deed | Attribution 4.0 International

Transport Secretary, Mark Harper says it is “inexplicable” that a new pay offer is not being put to railway workers. 

Mark Harper also criticised the decision of union leaders behind transport strikes which are targeting public events like Eurovision and the FA Cup Final. 

Speaking to Camilla Tominey on GB News , Mr Harper said today: “I said facilitated, fair, reasonable and affordable pay offers would be put to the trade unions.  The one that was done by Network Rail to RMT was put to their members. And, by a big margin with a 90% turnout there was a 76% ‘Yes’ vote. 

“Their members accepted that and we resolved the dispute there.  What is inexplicable to me is that with the train operating companies where a very similar offer, of a similar value has been made, the RMT their executive won’t even put it for the third time, to their members. 

“I think their members should be given the chance to have a say on it. Train drivers are well paid – their  average salary is £60,000 a year. They’ve had a fair and reasonable pay offer that would take that to close on £65,000. It should be put to their members so that they can let their members make a decision.

“The targeting of these big events is terrible. I’ve met the head of Ukrainian railways. I mean, Putin has been targeting hundreds of railway workers who have been killed. We should be standing in solidarity with them, the Eurovision Song Contest is not ours. We’re hosting it for Ukraine. 

“Rather than the rail workers targeting events and hitting families who will have saved up a lot of money to go to them, I think they should put the fair and reasonable pay offer to their members. Let their members make a decision. I think that will be the right thing to do.”

During his GBNews interview, Mr Harper underlined the Government’s commitment to HS2.

He likened it to the Elizabeth Line which, Mr Harper said, was now popular with travellers and the public. Mr Harper also said the Government was committed to delivering new SMART motorways that were already in construction.  And he advised voters unhappy with the Mayor of London’s controversial ULEZ scheme to send him a message via the ballot box.

Source: GB News

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