Trump would be elected US president again if an election was held tomorrow says chair of Republicans Overseas


Donald Trump would win a presidential election if it was run tomorrow, according to the chair of Republicans Overseas, Greg Swenson.

Speaking exclusively to GB News he said: “It’s good for him to announce because it’s ‘the great mystery’ and I’d rather just, you know, in a way, get it over with.

“Ron DeSantis, I think will run. I think Ron DeSantis has to run. His political capital is so high right now, that it would be almost a waste if he didn’t.

“If Trump wins the primaries – if the election was tomorrow, he would win the election. Right now he’s polling over DeSantis but prior to Mara Lago… he went from plus nine to plus 39, now it’s back to 25.”

In an interview with Stephen Dixon and Isabel Webster on GB News, he added: “The party has definitely changed in terms of the base and the electorate. They’re doing really well with Hispanics, right now. They’re going to do much better with African Americans, so the party is improved.

“Trump, I thought, did a great job as President. He governed much more conservatively than I expected. I was a bit nervous about that, so his administration was quite a success if you look at outcomes.”

He said: “He’s obviously indicating that he will do that, at least he had the decency to wait until after the midterms. By most historical measures, it will still be very early. I think it’s been really difficult for him not to do it.

“I’m guessing his advisors or the inner circle asked him or insisted that he wait. Some of these rallies would have been better if he focused on the candidates that he was endorsing, or that he was supporting.

“I’m glad he went and that’s great for them but the focus I’d hoped [for] would be a little bit more on the candidates.”

Asked if a Trump endorsement was a blessing or a curse, he told GB News: “Are the candidates that he’s endorsed going to win? It’s not necessarily because he endorsed them. In fact, you could argue it made it more difficult.

“Some of the candidates were not perfect, and first time candidates which is refreshing, but it’s the first time they’ve actually ran a campaign, which is very difficult. 

“So you’ve got five or six Trump endorsed candidates. Ironically, the Democrats actually supported several of these candidates like Bolduc, in New Hampshire. And so if they win, it will be sort of a slap in the face to the Democrats to the party that actually supported the pro Trump candidates.

“Perhaps other candidates would have had a better chance at winning. So it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for Trump because his candidates won. You know, you can argue the other way. But the bottom line is his candidates will win.

“It looks obviously like the house is already going to be Republican. There’s no doubt about that. There’s a real momentum right now.”

Source: GB News


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